Symptoms of marijuana addiction

Marijuana addiction in itself as a mere concept is a controversial issue. To get started, let's look at what can be the definition of what we had:

Marijuana addiction can be characterized by making a commitment or end to end the use of the material and then returning to marijuana. Repeat. And repeat again.

This definition cleans the air in the sense that it defines addiction and something you try to stop still continues. This definition works wherever we are talking about marijuana, cigarettes, sexual desires or coffee. It goes over the issue of physical addiction versus psychological addiction. Finally, it does not matter when you are dealing with addiction.

With this in mind, let's take a look at some of the most common symptoms of drugs.

  • Let's use the concept of uncontrollable behavior. When an individual behavior feet out of control, or their actions otherwise prove it is out of control, this is a major sign of addiction. Simply asking the individual if they think they are in control of their behavior could be a gentle way to relieve the content. Note, however, that many people would not recognize this.
  • A major change in social life. Has the person stopped hanging out with other users? Do all social activities involve marijuana use? Has an individual changed his or her social habits or other ways, such as becoming infrared when previously appointed?
  • Interference with school, work or family. Is the use of marijuana to take from individuals the ability to succeed at school or at work? Is it disturbing her family, where the desire to become hair comes before she's mom or dad? Is there money for marijuana but somehow no money to pay the bills?
  • Terrible withdrawal symptoms when discontinuation. If an individual does not constantly smoke marijuana, does he suffer from vomiting in the head, headache, increased or decreased appetite, sexual violence or insomnia? To clean it, let's look like this: Have these problems tended to go away with the continued use of the content? If so, then the user certainly suffers because he is subject to marijuana for the body to function, putting the system in a withdrawal when the necessary material is taken away.

You may be suffering from drugs for marijuana, consider how you approach the issues above in connection with your own life. Someone does not have to turn off all symptoms to get a problem. Indeed, the most important one would be the first, and that's when your behavior is of its own. You tried to quit and you can not. If this is the case, it's time to consider quitting and getting help from friends, family and professionals.


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