Stress Management – Twelve Successful Steps

Here are the twelve steps I want to share with you. You can see why they work. Are they the result of incredible insights, clear philosophy or common sense? What matters is that these steps will help you achieve your goal of reducing stress and, as far as possible, doing stress work for you.

1. Accepting you are a person. Human nature and flexibility have not changed much since Adam and Eve fell from grace: "Cursed is the earth for you, as you eat of the plants of the land. Your edge will give you bread to eat until you return to the ground, which you were from. "(Gen 3,17). How terrible! Stress is the thorns and thistles we have to deal with.

2. Imagine that you need help. You need moral support for family, friends and colleagues. If you are religious, please pray as well.

3. List situations and people who cause you stress.

4. As far as possible, avoid situations and people causing you stress

5. When you can, prevent situations that lead you to stress.

6. Draft solutions for each situation and person that causes you to focus.

7. When you are testing the solution at a reasonable time, complete the solution and live.

8. Do not be hard on yourself if you fail from time to time; Just enter new stressed state and repeat step 3> 7.

9. Turn energy stemming from stress and anger in your favor. The boxing box is better than striking the daylight from the annoying, offensive and good-for-nothing-person / s you need to interact with. Use these energies to keep fit with food and exercise.

10. Make fun stuff with people you love and friends: sports, shows, gardening, reading, etc.

11. Talk to people you know how they deal with stress and share ideas.

12. Accepting you are a wonderful person! You have value. You are just as God wants you to be; You just have to apply the skills you need to make yourself, your family and your friends happier. You deserve happiness!

Thorns and thistles in the form of stress will come to you, sometimes often and sometimes. You have the ability to attack negative situations by applying the twelve steps. Have fun whenever you can, and most of all, believe in yourself: a great person who is inside your body and mind. You are great! I say so.


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