Stress Management – The Powerful Art of Reframing

Reframing is a tool that can change the pressure we put on ourselves.

Reframing means exactly what it sounds like setting a different frame of context.

Have you noticed how different paintings can look when you change the frame around it? The wrong frame can destroy paintings, but the correct frame can forget the eye and reveal information that is not otherwise visible.

EX: Instead of "I'll never get all this done" what about "How many ways can I get all this done and more and enjoy the process?"

While some people will say that this is just semantics, I say it's really using the energy of the word and focusing on changing your life.

Review Review

Looking at something different, what we call review, provides at least two very powerful benefits:

1. Looking at circumstances differently can reduce the stress of the situation.

2. Often getting a different view will allow you to come up with solutions that you have never discovered before.

One of the best ways to get a different look at situations or problems is to think about your favorite artist in a book or movie or someone you watch. Ask yourself how this person would look at the situation and solve the problem.


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