Stress Management: Ten Ways To Blow The Holidays And Ten Options!

1. Do not plan for the free holiday that wants to compete with a precious time to finish work at the office or watch the latest Christmas on television. The importance of these special times as well as your family and memories will certainly disappear from all your minds well – along with the true meaning of the holiday.
Create a list of all family holidays, from a Christmas party to Christmas. Just love those you absolutely love. Organize them in your calendar and let go of what you're doing free of charge. Enjoy special pursuits that create long lasting memories.

2. Be sure to shop for weekends so you can feel stress and tension for a long time and of course wait a week before to choose. Hopefully, your cousin Tilda will love this polka dot jacket as you grabbed a rack as it was the best of the worst left in the store!
Take one holiday day early in the month, preferably on a working day, to a "energy store" without fighting the crowd or coping with the latest pressures.

3. "Clean" calories by not eating all day before your meal or banquet takes place. So you can eat twice more when the meal or food finally comes (and you will!) But what is the emotional and miserable heart just a part of the holiday season?

Eat breakfast, lightly nutritious lunch and when the big dinner or banquet comes around you feel more about your appetite. A light snack just before, like soup or fruit, also works well. Do not use the festival as an excuse for overestimation!

4. Indicate all special holiday packages that follow this season, even if that is all you can think of! Forget it when you've tried it before you finished bingeing. So when that happens you have an excuse – you forgot!
Special foods are a natural part of the celebration of the festival and denial will often call for bingeing. Moderation is the key. Enjoy smaller portions of "special" free foods that you enjoy. Remember that if you eat healthy most of the time – and get some attention – your fine.

5. Do not usually exercise on holidays. You have too much to do and it's not a priority. Instead, put stress that builds as a result giving you energy to keep you going. In addition, always this new year's resolution you make every year to make a physical part of your lifestyle – and you really meant it again!
Give you the best gift for everyone during the vacation. A 20-30 minute walk, three days a week; skating or sledding with the kids; Cutting in the snow; Snowballing, using the fitness club you pay big money for, long walking with friends or family are all a good choice. Just activate as you can and in the way you like. Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain your weight and relieve stress on holidays.

6. Do not think ahead, take the day off the challenges they come up with. You know what to do – it's easy. Except that party last Friday when you have too much to drink and lost all your efforts to eat healthy or before.
Use the power to make your mind realize your reality. Show yourself through every condition that makes a healthy choice ahead. Make your choice and how you think about them, imagine yourself saying something that you do not want, imagine yourself feeling distracted by enjoying the people around you.

7. Domination, over drinking, over a feast, tell you what you're doing, never change and you could even give yourself.
Sorry for yourself. You made a mistake. You overate, you over drunk, you cross partied. Learn from it, decide to do the next thing, go ahead and rely on making the necessary changes so it will not happen again.

8. Be late watching TV and do not turn off any messages, especially two late nights in a row. You'll get some time after your vacation. In the meanwhile, your family and friends will just be setting up your flexibility.
Get enough sleep. When you are tired and flexible guess what? You are less likely to make good choices and less able to cope with stress. Additionally, you put unnecessary strain on everyone around you.

9. Drink alcohol and take care of the wind! You run carefully. In addition, it does not affect you as it does everyone else.
Avoid alcohol. If you stop drinking on a party – keep in mind two things: 1. It reduces your intent to treat you well and 2. Please make sure you have the designated driver or plan to call a taxi.

10. Make the recommended options above because you should.
Make the recommendations chosen here because you want. Think positive and choose a confirmation that supports your efforts like "I'm choosing to take good care of this holiday time!" The choice is truly your own!


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