Stress Management: One simple tip to control difficult people

Many of those I advise complain about human problems with bosses, workers and family members. People often report a variety of physical symptoms and psychological problems because of ineffective communication with other "challenging" people.

Difficult boss, critical college, dominant daddy, persistent friend, challenging customer or non-coordinated patient can create significant stress in most of us.

Difficult and stressful relationships can cause frustration, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Prolonged contact with people who are difficult to handle or difficult to control can cause some to become very anxious and / or completely depressed.

There are many self-help books that provide guidance on how to better meet the people we encounter in various aspects of life. And there is no question to follow with all kinds of people is constantly challenging for all of us.

For years, philosophers, psychologists and theologians have discussed whether people are good or evil in nature.

I've always been reminded of people from one of my own comments about human beings and human nature. The council is quite simple and it goes like that.

If you go to a party and meet hundreds of people, you will probably find that you have a neutral sense of two thirds of the people. In other words, about seventy people were okay. You would also probably discover that approximately their fifteen were very good. Perhaps these are the people you want to be very close to.

The remaining 15 will probably be unsuitable, unpleasant or hard to be around.

Now, if you attend a course in statistics, you will understand that people tend to follow what is called a "normal career" with regard to niceness.

You may want to remind yourself of this "statistical truth" when you encounter a great person as it will help you put your feelings about that person in a healthy and practical perspective.

You'll also find it useful to spend as much time and energy for the people that are good. Yes, if you have a difficult boss or mother-in-law, it can be difficult to avoid them completely. However, you will feel better if you emphasize the positive people in your life and remind you of the fact that there are all different kinds of people in the universe.


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