Stress Management – No Concern, White Peace

Concerns never concern tomorrow about her sorrow, it only understands her joy today. Leo Buscaglia

What is a concern? Concerns are negative reflections. To ponder is to be busy thinking, reflecting and reflecting. So when we're worried, our thoughts are occupied by things that cause us distress, fear or fear. Concerns emphasize our mind and body. It can literally make us sick. Studies have found relationships between stress and illness. Stress weakens our immune system and makes us vulnerable to viruses and other diseases. Worrying for our clear perception. Decision is reduced. Clearly, our thoughts and bodies can not work the best when we worry.

Why are you worried? We are concerned that we do not have inner peace. We emphasize what can go wrong instead of what can go wrong. We look at the problem and how things can worsen rather than the solution and how things can improve. We look at bugs, mistakes and mistakes instead of victory and success. We put our eyes on the mountain instead of seeing us on the other side. We try to control what we can only accept instead of changing what is within our power, ie. our attitude. We focus on ourselves instead of trusting God. We came to the end of the road and are ready to quit. We travel down a long, dark path and do not realize that the light is at the end of the tunnel. We get sick of death and lose our strength. We are over our heads and think we will certainly drown. Is it surprising that we focus on us?

How do we stop worrying? The apostle Paul urges us not to worry about anything but to pray for everything. He said that we can give all of our concern to God and he will give us peace. He will control our ways. He will comfort us and help us. We are not only encouraged to trust him, but we will contemplate positive and hopeful things. How we inherit our minds affect our beliefs and attitudes. As we emphasize our potential, our hope increases, strengthens our faith and our concerns disappear. When we see ourselves as victors in life and superiors of obstacles, our success is at your fingertips. When we choose to focus on the good and not the bad one comes a good way. When we pray, we get. When we search, we find. When we bank, doors open for us.

I wrote a song called "What if" a few years ago. Restraint often begins with "What if …" In the question I ask: "What if I trust you more? What would I do if I were to know that you are always good What if I trust you more? Then I would doubt about going. My life is in your hands. Since that time, I have had an unprecedented opportunity to ask in fear and concern: "What if …?" I am always reminded of these words. remind me that we can choose to believe the best, not the worst. We can choose to believe that it will go out and that God will make a way when there seems to be no way. We choose to believe that God is always with us. And when we understand it in his hands, we can know that things will go out because he is good.

Concerns and stress are detrimental to our spiritual, physical and spiritual health. Positive meditation (prayer) can have a significant impact on our lives for the better or worse. We can practice either and it will be a routine. . I urge you to choose today to be free from worry and experience inner peace!

Set your peace of mind as your highest goal and plan your life around it. ~ Brian Tracy

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Written by Krystal Kuehn,
(Part of the Stress Management Counseling Series)


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