Stress Management – Learning How to identify your power plants

Tips for Balance

A great indication of how to maintain a peaceful and calm state of mind is to identify the events that lead you to get upset in the first place. When you are able to identify the events that lead you to be upset, you can work on developing an "action plan" or ways that you can respond in a calm, peaceful manner the next time you are in a particular situation.

What do you have to escalate to get angry?

  • Is there a long wait for a grocery store, store or place where you pay your bills?
  • Do you have a crowded elevator, crowded bus or crowded buildings?
  • If a friend was kidding for sensitive content, would it call you to be upset?
  • What if you were wrongly complained, would you be upset?
  • If you had to clear any mess, how would you respond?
  • What would happen if you needed a Roman roommate?
  • How would you answer if you have neighbors who play their music too high?
  • Are you upset when you are on a call and you have been put on hold for a long time?
  • How would you respond if you asked someone for guidance, but later found that you're wrong?
  • If anyone were spreading a wrong rumor about you, would it call you to be upset?
  • Would you respond peacefully if you found out that your money or assets were stolen from you?

How to Respond Instead of Responding

The event used to call me to get upset before I started working on maintaining my inner peace was, on average, inspirational people who would say things that intentionally hurt my feelings. My natural response was to shut down thinking negative thoughts about the man like "They're so mean, I'm not talking to them anymore" or "I can not wait to say something back to me because when they're going to I give them my mind. "

It was not until I began to pay attention to all the factors that caused me to get upset that I could actually pinpoint events that led me to get upset. After that, I could practice positive ways that I could respond to the next time I was face to face with an alleged spirit who tried to hurt my feelings.

I've come into contact with many alleged people, as I've been on my journey to maintain my inner peace and how I answer now is the place to stop when someone tries to hurt my feelings, I just say to myself , "They mean but I will pray for them" or "Thank God, I do not have to live in their house".


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