Stress Management: KYFM – Hold your feet

One of my favorite stories about change is the story called “ The Room of 10,000 Monsters. & # 39; & # 39;

In this room are all your worst fears, worries and nightmares played in front of you as if they were real. You walk in and close the door after you. There is no handle on the inner door. The only door with a handle is above the room.

If you can walk across the room and approach the door, you must reach Nirvana. You have to go yourself and you get only two tips:

No matter what you see, hear or feel, remember it's not real, it's just taken from your own imagination. It's good advice, but if your biggest fear is high and you see you at the edge of a 20-story building, you're not likely to get anywhere.

Another suggestion is that it does not matter what you see, hear or feel, keep your feet on and you'll get to the other side.

The History of the History:

Even in the face of rejection, keep your feet moving!

When you've reached KYFM – Hold your leg, you will not get stuck in fear, but keep moving, no matter what.


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