Stress Management – How to Measure Your Stress

Stress is subjective, you know you're stressed, but how can you know if you're getting more or less stressed when time goes on? You may notice the symptoms and cut them on the scale like ten where 10 is the most stress and 1 is not stress at all and then observes how you are in a few weeks.

Another way is to review the question below and check how your score fluctuates.

Which of the following situations apply to you?

(score 3 if true, 2 if mostly true, 1 slightly true and 0 not valid)

1. You are under pressure to complete a project

2. You are still upset after the death of a close family.

3. You have recently moved a house

4. Your marriage or relationship has recently broken down

5. You are eating more junk food

6. You are gaining weight

7. You feel like you do everything for everyone else but never has time for you

8. You smoke or drink more than before

9. You Do not Care Very Good

10. You sweat too much or suffer from palpitations

Grades 20-30 You are experiencing excessive stress and potentially other diseases as well. Please visit your GP very soon.

Rating 10-20 You have some stress and need to deal with this. Get help from your doctor or try some suggestions in this book.

Score 0-10 You Are Not Abnormally Strong

It's understandable if you find stress after a life event like moving a house, changing or losing your job, developing a serious illness, ending contact or someone's death near you, but stress can develop without a clear external cause. People think they can break the problem by changing their views, their behavior, their environment or lifestyle, but it's not always as simple as it sounds because your beliefs and lifestyle can be so much of you that you can find It's hard to change these on your own.

You may need others to make changes as much as possible.

There are simple ways to reduce or get rid of stress and also help organizations that can inform and support you.

But first, make sure there is no reason for your stress that requires medical attention. It is best to see your doctor if you suspect medical problems.


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