Stress Management: How do I love me? Let me count the ways to reduce stress

Stress Management Advice possesses, but I'm the only one who knows how to recommend learning to love yourself as a key word for stress relief.

To love yourself, or to self-awareness, is not taught in schools, churches or most families. Indeed, just the opposite is introduced. Selfishness is usually splashed. It is set absolutely in the category of selfishness, greedy, narcissistic, self-aggrandizing and so on, all "not good." You are taught to love others first and put you last.

Self-esteem has been widely introduced but is a bit different from self-esteem.

As I see, confidence comes from positive results. You are doing something productive and gaining pleasure and an increase in your good job. You understand the ability and contribution to society. As a result, you respect or evaluate yourself.

Your own love, as I work with, actively divides your love to yourself as a basis for happiness, success, inner peace and unconditional love for others.

Being self-sufficient does not make you selfish or anti-social. It gives you depth of resilience that enables you to cope with stress with greater ease.

In my great experience, it is also true that more you can love yourself, the more you can truly love others, and the more you can afford to be loved. But that's the subject for another article!

Gentle and Gradual Transformation

Below are a few ways that I recommend practicing to love yourself. These are not quick fixes. They are gentle technology to transform in the long run.

When you explore, you can find that stressful situations do not evaporate immediately. But if you constantly try to share love and compassion on your own, you will probably look back after a month or two and realize that your life has been smooth or if you are dealing with stressful conditions with a quieter and peace.

Play with these methods. Give yourself the freedom to make you love yourself. See the ones that give you the most mileage.

When you find one or two that work well for you, repeat often! Repetition helps these new messages root and grow in your mind and heart, and in the so-called other brain or intestine your feelings.

1. Sincerely, you say, "I love you."

Say literally: "I love you" with sincere sincerity. You can speak aloud, in whisper or quietly in your mind.

You might be strange or self-conscious at first. You may notice the imported patterns of self-esteem and unpredictability that pops up and lasts for several weeks.

Simply continuing with your loving statements, you can go beyond these reactions and into a sparkling, true self-confidence.

To strengthen your subjective words, you might want to shut up, put your hand on your stomach or your heart to comfort yourself or look in the mirror.

To get the best results, take a few minutes to love yourself a part of your daily life. When you attach the words to constant repetition, you will eventually find it easier to make decisions that release stress and support happiness and inner peace.

2. See yourself with sympathy.

Treat yourself to stress with the same compassion for a young child who strives to study a difficult lesson. In the big system of things, you just describe compassion and adolescents.

How would you treat your baby? I hope it will be commendable for a step in the right direction, plenty of auction "out there" for mistakes and great encouragement to continue.

You may want to practice "seeing through the eyes of a master" as you express deep sympathy for yourself. Seeing with compassion gives you room to learn from your mistakes when you get into less stress and greater inner peace.

3. Take lovingly about yourself.

Show your love for yourself by taking good care of yourself. Be like a loving, wise and swirling parent for yourself.

For most, this means things like loving you enough to go to bed for a decent time. It means doing simple things that support your health and well-being. It means fostering and pampering you from time to time.

You may want to make a long list of ways you can take care of yourself. When you're stressed, check your list and ask yourself: "What's the most affectionate way I can handle now?" Then do it.

4. Carefully support you at all levels.

Nurture and support you physically, emotionally, spiritually and spiritually.

Walking in nature can be a self-evident act for physical, emotional and even spiritual aspects. Reading a self-help book might be thoughtful, and as you practice what you have read, you might be supporting any of these other factors yourself.

Your body, feelings, thoughts and spirits are closely related and interact with each other all the time. As you grow up on one level, you start creating a new pace at all levels – adaptation is based on greater love and inner peace.

Print this as a reminder.

To make the most of these simple methods, you may want to print this article and refer back to it sometimes. If you continue to find that your lifestyle becomes gradually weaker and you are firmly attached to flexible, viscosity but more powerful self-confidence. Of course, benefit from stress reduction!


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