Stress Management – 7 ways to reduce stress in just 5 minutes

Sometimes, the lavender bubble bath is just not a practical option when you want to reduce your stress. So what can you do when you only have 5 minutes to relax? Here are seven suggestions to help you reduce and even calm even if you only have a few minutes.

Have a cup – A great choice for herb tea is chamomile because it has relaxing qualities. It's also one of my personal favorites to drink tonight for the bed. Here's a little trick you can do to make your relaxation easier. Use two blankets when you make your teas. Then, when the tea is done, put the warm (not hot) blanket on the closed eyelids for some time. Keep them there for a very good calming effect.

Try Aromatherapy – Fill the spray bottle with water and mix a few drops of essential oil with a calming odor. Some popular essential oils to reduce stress are jasmine, sandalwood, bergamot and of course Lavender. When you're stressed, take out the bottle and spritz it in the air. Or you can even spray it on a cloth and put it on the forehead. You may be surprised at how fast you notice mood when you get calmer.

Stretch – Sitting in one place can cause your muscles and blood. Turn off the phone, stand up, make a few strings and apart and maybe walk around a bit to find a good and refurbished.

Tell confirmation – Believe it or not, confirmation really work. Find or create a confirmation that helps you stay calm and then take a few minutes to repeat it several times, either silently or shed (depending on where you are). Do this a few times a day, and you could even write it down, write it down later. Whenever you feel a bit stressed, select a confirmation from the collection you will start collecting.

Massage Your Own Hands – Your hand muscles can get sore and sick especially if you spend the entire day on a computer. Give them a five-minute break. Take a few of your favorite hand cream and rub each hand slowly. Take the time to enjoy the process and you may want to go to the swimming pool.

Spritz your face with fresh cold water – Remember a spray bottle? Hold on with clean water and keep it cold. If you are tired or stressed, a little spritz in your face will give you an uplifting feeling. This is especially good during the summer, as you may also want to keep the aerosol container in the fridge to increase the effect.

Have a nice stone – Use a smooth stone that fits your hand. Rub the stone at once when you're happy and relax a few times while you think of things that make you smile. This will establish a positive connection with the stone so that it enjoys what trigger these positive emotions. After some time, banishing strain will be as easy as taking out a happy stone and giving him a massage.


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