Stress Management – 3 Top Tips for knowing when to do too much for others will be stressful

Every time we are asked to do something for others, whether it's for family members or friends, we feel stressed because we wonder we'll do enough. As nutritionists we sometimes forget when enough is enough.

1- What will people say: People who are very social will always contact how you helped them with others. It is natural that we think we would like to please all the time. You must remember that you can not please everyone. If you were unable to please or associate with a particular person to help them as they felt they should be happy, then know that there might be a problem in communication. You certainly did your best to help. If the other person wants to express and complain, be sorry and move on.

2. When a family member asks for help: Ask as many questions about tasks or tasks as possible before you commit. Having all the facts first and foremost will make your decision much easier and less stressful. Usually family members know that you are busy and need to arrange your time. Thus, you also have an idea of ​​how much you need to do or what's enough.

3- Feeling overwhelming tip: ok, you feel like you're pushing a couple of directions at a time. Remember, you're really the only one you need to please! Make a list of everything you are grateful for. Make the list as long as you like and add it often. To start being grateful you can read, write and enjoy the sunshine as you see very simple things.


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