Stress and Time Management – Improve Time Management Techniques & Watch Your Stress Disappear

Stress and bad time management are closely related. After all, the root of a lot of stress is actually one big thing: not enough. Not enough, not enough time, not enough confidence, not enough … you name it.

And when we often emphasize money, money is something we could get more from. Deficiencies are not necessarily permanent conditions unless we do so. However, when it comes to time, everyone gets the same amount. 24 hours. Daily. Not a minute more. Or less.

Talk about non-discrimination. However, some of us seem to be much better than others to make the most of their allocation. Some get a lot done. Others postpone and fritter off whenever they have, all the time complaining about not having enough time in the process.

When people give presentations, I'm always entertaining – and annoying – when the speaker uses a good part of what time they have a complaint that it's not enough. How silly is it!

It is obvious, however, that over time it's what it is, it's a great room for improvement for most of us in how we handle it. We can learn to fit more of what we want to do in it. We can learn to get the stuff we need to get done in the near future so we have more time for ourselves. When we reach that goal, our stress will go down.

How to get there, though? There are plenty of time management lessons and books available. Unfortunately, they often do not fall under their promises. And if something that can make us feel even better – and possibly like a failure. Time and how we handle it is a very individual thing. Whatever the tips in the books may be, they must work with who we are as people. But how would you know which approach is right?

Two ways: Suggestions of people who know you very well can yield good results. The test and error method also works well. Check some systems and see what you think. You're bound to learn something, even if it's not really right for you. And do not beat yourself if you find something that does not work for you. Just go to the next.

If you find one that really works for you, though, which enables you to increase your productivity, you will know. So, it's worth checking out the options. Because we all have exactly the same time. That's what we do of what matters – how much we can do and peace in mind. And that's how the correct approach to time management can reduce your stress.


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