Simple strategy to deal with stress

Would not it be wonderful to get a way to deal with stress quickly and simply?

Dr Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson have been involved in offering a two-part solution for stress. Not only is this fast and simple, it is very effective.

They offer the ability to lose the power of any moment in order to honor a simple rule: Change "What's in" What's. "Their formula is surprisingly easy. The solution is to focus on this moment in truth and love.

Two things:

Part 1: Change the thought "What if" to "What's"

Part 2: Begin focusing your thoughts on the present with truth and love

The power comes to mind of total reality. If I look at the current circumstances and see what is true and love, I can feel confident that peace will be successful in being.

The proposal is taken to take out a new sheet and list 10 truths. No matter what issue you're up to, your list will contain ten items. For example, your list may look like this:

o My car started this morning

o The rent was paid to full and right t ma

o There is enough money to buy groceries

o I am

o I am free from physical pain

o My wife and I can talk all wisely

o I can read without eyelets

o My Neighborhood is Safe and Friendly

Pet is My Faithful Friend

o My Church Family Comes To Me.

When your list is complete, you choose things one by one and focus on each one with love. If your busy life allows only one item, use the time wisely by focusing your attention on one thing with love.

This method tends to cure bad memories and relieve stress of concern and negative emotions.

Daily Actions:

1. Put your thoughts on truth and love

2. Ask yourself, "What is?"

3. Be at the moment, as there is no room for stress, anxiety and negativity.

4. Commit to take these actions promptly for 21 days.

It takes an average of three weeks to form a new habit. Be patient and love yourself as you continue. You will be pleased with the ease of this strategy and the desired results. Very soon you must do this as easily and naturally as you breathe.


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