Should medical treatment also be a recovery addict?

The problem of overcoming addiction is only someone who has conquered they can fully understand. Others can present addiction, work with addicts, and even live with addicts and start to see what drugs or drugs are. But it's a big difference to knowing truly and to know something and to know about something. The addiction schools can study for many years and never understand the full life of addicts.

The drug addiction has an experience that others can only study. The overwhelming motivations and desires that the addict finds is something he can not fully explain to those who have not found them personally. But just being addicted to him is not a specialist addiction! Indeed, many pharmacists are completely in the dark about what's happening and why do they keep using drugs or drink in oblivion, every opportunity they get.

In order to be a consultant, you do not have to be addicted. Drugs are not a necessary course or training level in becoming a specialist in this field. Talented and well-trained counselors they have never used, still help people escape drug and alcohol consumption and compulsion every day. They save more lives and add a lot more families than employees in almost all other areas.

According to my advice, counselors are well trained and dedicated and have drugs that they have extra something, additional dimensions that can help them get into their minds and their lives, and often this can make the difference between the success and failure of the addict.

So it is not necessary for a consultant to be a recovery addict and someone who has a recovery is not an automated specialist. The combination of these two can sometimes form a real powerhouse for guidance. One that can lead drug addicts and alcoholics through the dark and into a drug-free residence.


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