Sex addiction

Question: I'm 35 years old male in relationship with a woman for three years. We have a lot of sex. She mentioned that day she believes we are sexual. My question: How can you tell if they are sexual? I mean, I really, really like sex and sex with my partner as much as possible, sometimes to point both to us being very hurt. But I do not like the term "sex group" much because let's face it, it's not a compliment.

Answer: A sexaholic is someone who has compulsive sexual disorders and can not control him or herself. Here are the symptoms of sexaholic:

1. Do you feel about sex so often it interferes with your strength?
2. Are you obsessed with a certain person or sexual act, even if it causes you desires and inconvenience?
3. Do you find your sexual exercises that affect your ability to control your life?
4. Do you flirt?
5. Do you feel attracted to sex?
6. Want life without meaning without sex?
7. Do you think sex is the only thing that really gives you value?
8. Are you using sex as a refuge from other problems or stress?
9. Have you ever had sex with someone you really do not want?
10. Do you have a list of affiliates you've been with?
11. Do you need to "high" to dangerous sex and the risk of fishing can be promised?

If the answer to all these questions is "Yes," you are a sexual addict and suffering from sexual desire. Somehow, I do not think you and your girlfriend fit this category. Enjoy the close and active relationships you have and make it even better by playing The Tantric Lover's Game. Surprise yourself with the new things this game will teach you to do.


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