Sex addiction

Does the idea keep you uncomfortable, makes you laugh, say you want to meet one? Or does it make you want the ability to have an emotional close relationship, not dozens of wonderful ones? Or as you worry about children and adolescents in your life, they are not victims of sexual offenses; or they (or you) will not be victims of someone unable to commit to and maintain a relationship or spend their lives because they can not have a healthy relationship. No question, the term, "sex addict" certainly brings something to us all.

Like other drugs, sex addiction is a way to reach or change emotions. It's a substitute for dealing with life really. Drugs or addicts who are truly recovering can have healthy relationships, sexual and non-sexual. Sex addicts often destroy their primary relationship by going elsewhere to pursue their addiction. They can not usually refer as they are always looking for more or different. In fact, they are looking for something external, something, content or process, to "fix" them. Addict is simply not okay in his own skin.

Example: It's common for addicts to use porn, especially computer games or movies. The person who participates in a computer porn, or "Adult Movies" regularly, is not free from emotional honesty with his mainstream companions … it increases time and energy with emphasis on pornography, not on a woman or girlfriend. He can use his addiction to isolate and avoid being vulnerable. He, and she, lacks the benefits of an honest and emotional current relationship. The computer has become his lover; He has love, just as much if he was a member of another woman.

Other destructive examples of sexual dependence are men and women who have many issues with many partners, but never feel close to them. The addict is desperate lonely and still not to let anyone in his life. He is not able to allow anyone to really know him and live with deep seared fear that he will return or hurt. Everything and everything is sexual. Every trip to the gym is an opportunity to be a challenging suit and secretly pray. Any encounter with members of the opposite sex is either public or secretly embarrassing. The "vibes" transmitted by sex addict is clearly detectable by someone seeking; They scream loud and clear, "I'm free," "want to be with me," "let's have sex," and so on. After the first development, vivacity returns.

Addicts can easily change addiction, so it's not uncommon for alcoholics to use food, gambling or sex instead of or in addition to alcohol. A sexist is drawn to each other like magnets. Progress of this disease, if untreated, may include crimes, including exposure and attack. Addiction will increase when the need for "the drug" (sex) increases. There are treatment centers that specialize in the treatment of sexual abuse and many books about the disease and recovery. To read more about sex addiction, start with Patrick Carnes, out of the shadows.

Recovery from this addiction allows the human being to confront other things in life, most importantly for a relationship not infected with dishonesty and short affairs, pornography or other behaviors that relate to a single spouse. Here's a test: Do you do something you do not want your family (grandmother, children and wife) to know about? Recovery is possible. It is not necessary to replace addiction from content or process to another topic or process; Further, you can recover from all the disease (dis-ease) addiction, be free to choose your own behavior, not be bound by compulsions and obsessions.


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