Self-sufficiency – Who's in the mirror?

Sometimes you encounter a question about your personality as if something is wrong with you. And when such a question appears then you tend to think in fear. Yes, how often do you avoid answering it directly?

Once, twice or three times? Ha ha ha Nevertheless, I'm also like you, sometimes, avoiding such questions for fear of knowing the truth. Yes, the truth is hurt. Sometimes it makes us outrageous. Well, it's better if we could stand up for everything and right then and answer this without recovering eyelashes. For me to see me in the mirror, I seem to tremble and everything; because I know I'm not the perfect boy Gal could love and die for anything.

I'm just a regular boy who would rather spend time reading a book but keeping it inverted while wasting time. Try this, and you definitely wonder how your mind could have understood that letters were in a reverse position but your eyes were used to.

Well, do not dig farther, when I see myself in the mirror, I feel like going to the bathroom. No, I'm not kidding. My mom says I'm not ugly but I'm not handsome either.

I want to sound funny? Honestly, I just want to perceive the question. I'm sure each of us has this unique way of dealing with the question, avoiding it or delaying our answer or what. I have read somewhere that knows you need to look into the mirror. (Do not always take this, please). No, not that wonderful face you have received than the total character, overall package.

Are you good and good? Can you be a friend to yourself? Or are you bad, hurt, selfish, immature and part of it? Well you are not alone; people are not perfect either. Each one has imperfection / s.

Even worlds have imperfections; Ask Naomi Campbell. Nobody is born a symbol of perfection and everyone is trying to become beautiful inside and out. Inside and out, see?

Then the person in the mirror is not a stranger to you. You know his desire, dreams, etc. His weakest points by nature, vulnerability, etc. Be a real part of yourself. Nobody hates anyone who is genuine and everything for himself and others as well.

What's the matter? Well, look better when you look at the mirror; never lie and wear a mask.


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