Self-Improvement – Three things we can promote that would improve the world

The other day, one of my clients said she would like to teach three "R" s to people. I immediately wondered what had led her at this stage because she was not a teacher of my thoughts that she was referring to "reading, writing, and essay." I was surprised when she explained that her three "R" s had consulted for "Respect", "Responsibility" and "Back to common sense."

My client showed some wisdom, and I support her from the following point of view:

1. Respect must be an international attitude that respects oneself, others and parts of the world. When self-respecting, he is less likely to fall into unhealthy activities or relationships. A person who tends to learn the needs and efforts to get those who meet in a positive way. Respecting others facilitates communication, empathy and sharing. It prevents abuse and discrimination while promoting cooperation. Respect for Earth's contamination, waste of resources and property of others.

2. Responsibility is a word that implies duties and reliability. We can be responsible for ourselves – doing our job, caring for others and working adequately. We can also take responsibility for certain tasks or tasks that could involve everything from cleaning our homes to fundraising for charity work.

3. Back in common sense is an interesting concept. Probably not all that's common anymore and it's certainly not sensible for everyone! The term implies that people have practical answers to everyday situations. But we do not develop this ability without a good example of follow-up or opportunity to learn from experience.

I've been wondering what others would do to improve our world if they were asked about their views. What do you think are the three most important things you want to teach others who could affect the world?


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