Self-Improvement – Real Courage

It's more courage to be peace than being a warrior. It's harder to walk away from battle it's throwing the first pillow. Why is it? I often think it's because of the pride. We think people will look down on us or call us whimp if we refuse to fight. It's true that some people will enjoy us. But their opinion is not important. Many will respect us for our courage, self-defense and strength. These are the views we need to listen to.

Sometimes as much as we try to avoid it, the fight / war is inevitable. But does it mean that there must be violence? No! Think about how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought his war. He bought it with words and ideas. One can kill the soldier but he can not kill the soldier's idea. King King's Convention on Racial Counseling calls as strong today as they did the day they flow from his mouth. Violence is the last choice of actions, an action we never hope to take. Violence is never desirable.

Compare this to disturb people who explode abortion. Is this the right way to fight? No! I hate abortion. It is murder and sin for Almighty God, but I would never blow abortion. Two sins do not do the right thing. We need to fight for abortion at the level of ideas. How would Jesus fight abortion? By throwing them? What about killing them? No, Jesus would tell them the truth. He would tell them it's a murder. He would tell them that God has special plans for the unborn, even before they grow up in the womb. He would tell them that although they are sinning he always loves them. Jesus knew how to fight and it is with truth and love!


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