Self-Improvement – Are you losing yourself in relationships?

Molly had found that people were enjoying her goodness. Being a caring man was free when someone needed it either in person or by phone. But when Molly needed people to support her, they were often too busy with their own lives. This would hurt Molly's feelings and she felt angry but then rationalized that she should not feel like that.

What can Molly do? Does she have a choice? It was when her commander refused to pay her for overtime Molly realized that she had to take control of her life. This was a big step for Molly, but the anguish of being used began her.

She decided she had a choice to do. She could continue to trust herself or make some changes. Just the fact that she chose her better. She ceased to work overtime and saved the necessary time for her own family. She did not lose her job and she started making other changes in the workplace. Next she introduced a change with a boyfriend who used to call her a lot and would be upset if Molly said she had to go to the phone. Molly's choice was upset or set a limit with his girlfriend. She began to let her girlfriend know she only had a few minutes to talk and she would finish the conversation. Girlfriend learned that Molly meant what she said.

Here is what Molly learned to get up:

1. People can not enjoy you unless you let them.

2. You are always in a choice. It's up to you if you use it.

3. Trust yourself – you're the one who knows what's right for you.

4. Take control of you again.

5. Accept others as they are and decide how you want them to be in your life.


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