Self-Improvement – 5 questions to ask yourself before you change

Self-improvement is to improve yourself yourself. May it be your trust, self-esteem, your appearance … whatever you want to change about yourself. To change yourself, you must know what you want to change and this means to understand you. In this article, discover 5 questions that you should ask yourself to see what you need to change about yourself.

1. Am I happy where I am today?

Do you like what you've done? What have you achieved? If not then change it. Do something you can be proud of. There does not have to be anything big, it can be something like being a more loving person.

2. Am I attractive for the opposite sex?

Many people go through self-esteem because they think they are unattractive. This is easy to change. Change what you wear, your personality and maybe your look if you think it's the only way around it.

3. How much could I have?

This does not have to be a financial question, it may be a matter for anything. The point you need to realize this question is that it says "might". If you look at this from a financial perspective, I bet you could make millions but are you ready to work hard?

4. What motivates me?

Motivation is the key to a happy life. If you're interested, you can wonder what you can do. For example, your hobbies might lose weight and put some muscle the next time you go to the beach and to achieve the goal, you go to the gym and move to achieve your goal.

5. Should I change?

This is the most important question of self-sufficiency. Do you really need to change? If so, what are you trying to change, maybe it's the fact that you're too shy or maybe you want to change your look and even your personality. If you know what you want to change, you can start adding it immediately.

Ask yourself these 5 questions as they will lead you into what you need to change. Many people may decide not to change because they think they will be someone else by doing so.


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