Recovery from Drugs: Part 1

(This is part 1 of the 5th series of addiction).

Just about everyone in our society is addicted to something. Drugs
can take many forms:

Material: Drugs, Drugs,
Prescription Drugs, Caffeine, Nicotine, Food, Sugar, Carbohydrates.


o Email

o Email

o Busyness


o Action

o Exercise

o Sleep

o Work

o Making money

o Making money

o Spending money

o Gambling

o Sex, Masturbation, porn

o 19659002] o Collecting Items

o Concern

o Thinking Thinking

o Self-Testing

o Talking a lot [19659002] o Talking about the phone a lot

o Reading

o Gathering information (if only I know enough I'll feel safe)

o Meditation

o Religion

o Crime

o Cancel [19659002] o Crop

o Glamor, beauty

We can use something as a way to avoid feelings and avoid taking responsibility for our painful commissions. Whenever we engage in
activities with a view to avoiding our feelings, we use these
activities as addiction. We can watch the TV to relax and enjoy our favorite
programs, or watch TV to avoid our feelings. We can consider
to associate with the spirit and the middle ourselves, or we can begin to bless
and avoid responsibility for our feelings. We can read to enjoy and
learn, or read to escape. Something can be addiction, as appropriate

For example, when your intention is to take care of yourself and
your work is something you like, work is not used
as an addiction. But when the intention is to get consent or to avoid pain
emotions, then work is used for addiction. The same applies to
of the above behaviors – they may be addiction or not, after
as you wish.

We all hurt ourselves – hurt ourselves or ourselves –
has been programmed with many falsehoods through our 1945s (19459004) years. There are four common false beliefs that underlie most

1. I can not handle my pain.

2. I'm unworthy and unlovable.

3. Others are the sources of my love.

4. I can control how others feel about me and treat me.


While it was true when we were small, it's not true as adults, but many
act as true. When you believe you do not have
treatment pain – especially deep pain loneliness and
helplessness – you will find many addictive ways to avoid feeling
. All of us are able to learn how to control painful emotions in ways that support our highest good, rather to perform
addictive ways that hurt us.

Anything you do to avoid taking responsibility for managing your pain is
self-abandoned, which creates even more pain-deep pain
sincerely. Whether you leave for content, process or
people, your inner child – your feeling yourself – will be abandoned
as you choose to avoid responsibility for your feelings. If you own
a real child who was in pain and you were drunk instead of being there for that child, then he or she would be even more painful
left. It is exactly the same at the internal level. Addictive
behavior is abandoned itself, causing the very pain you are
trying to avoid.

I'm insecure and unbearable.

When you did not get the love you needed as a child,
you could come to the conclusion that the reason you were not loved was because
was bad, flawed, flawed, unworthy, unbeatable or insignificant .
This is an absolute shame – false belief that there's actually something
wrong with you. When you accept this belief, you must cut off your
source and believe that you are unworthy to be loved by the higher

Others are my love

You will depend on attention, consent, love, gender, or connection
when you believe that another person needs to be trustworthy
your love. In this case, you must leave your internal child to
another person who causes as much pain and leave
content. Until you learn to tap into higher powers as the source of love, you will remain dependent on people as the source of love.

I can control how others love me and

If you think you can control others & # 39; feelings and behaviors, you will be
dependent on various ways to try to control, such as anger,
judgment, blame or people pleasing. When you believe that you can not handle your pain and that others are the source of love, you want
to control that love. This is the cause of the coordination that
is based on most connection issues.

It's a way to cure from addiction. The rest of the articles in this
series will cover the process of recovery from addiction.


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