Recognize Expression Addiction

When we think of the word addict, we usually think about obvious children like food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, television, spending, work, sex, etc. But many are not aware of minority addiction. These drugs are often so secretive and interdisciplinary that they are invisible to us. But these minor addictions can adversely affect us, sabotaging our professional and / or personal relationships and our lives every day. Many people are aware of the fact that addiction is used to prevent pain and thus elevate our feelings to function in a way that is within our comfort. The reason we do this is because it's easier to make the pain go away but it's dealing with negative emotions or problems we have. This is not how your life was meant to be! You can learn to live more fulfilling life, naturally by changing behavior.

You may want to look inside and see what some of your secret addictions are. Are you reluctant to blame others for your unhappy feelings? Are you ready for a relationship that has run the course but you are still in it? Do you use anger or tears, try to make someone else responsible for you? Are you addicted to illness as a way to avoid personal responsibility for yourself? Are you more focused on trying to control how others feel about you than you take care of your own feelings? How much of your time is spent daydreaming about what you want to tell others or how you want life was instead of being really responsible for yourself? How often do you explain and defend yourself rather than being open to study? How often do you get angry or withdrawn to avoid coping with current circumstances? Are you doing things that are common with your body and or emotions that do not allow you to be healthy? Is the thought addictive? Do you have repetitive thinking patterns?

To understand whether you add addiction, you need to pay attention to your thinking processes that create your behavioral patterns daily to see if they are encouraged to feel despite their negative consequences. When logic is replaced by anger (with or without justice), the result is to lose human well-being. Any behavior that is beyond accounting for your actions, taking care of yourself and being open to learning about yourself and others is addictive in nature. All addictive behavior is an attempt to control and suppress rather than learn, about all we do. If you are always defending, explaining, resisting and revoking decisions and circumstances, all your actions are attempts to gain approval and / or avoid pain. Check if you respond or answer others. When we respond we are taking responsibility for our circumstances, instead of responding to emotional repetitive thinking patterns that do not serve us.

To greet you must feel and become aware of your addiction, which is the beginning of learning to free them from your life. Embrace your life as it was meant to be and deal with your addiction, no matter how pervasive they have been. You can achieve your full potential and live healthy, loving lives without fear when you are able to free everything that has had a negative impact on your life and the lives of others in it. Change your thoughts – change your life. To quote one of my favorite authors, James Allen, "Your circumstances may be uncongenial, but they will not be so long if you perceive ideals and strive to achieve it."


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