Overcoming addiction addiction + denial = out of control

My addiction used to control me. It surprised the man inside me, and I became a stranger to my family and myself. All I thought was to have another drink. All I thought about was where and when I was going to get the next drink. My mind was totally and completely absorbed in my addiction, and I did not even know it. I was proud, arrogant and selfish. I was an alcoholic.

Do you have addiction? Some of us overestimate, drink, smoke, watch porn, gamble, make drugs or become offensive. We may even be addicted to our feelings. When we allow negative thoughts to control us to do wrong, we are under the power of our thoughts and feelings. Addiction controls some aspects of our character that prevent us from achieving our full potential. I know this first; I've been there and done it.

Spiritually, addiction affects how we think and feel and how we live our lives. Addiction will literally emphasize the growth process and the addict will be childish, selfish and immune to the needs of others. Psychologically, the addict is still denied and will do anything about justifying bad behavior with others but under the control of addiction. Addicts are basically selfish people who care about themselves, even if they are really good at working others in believing differently.

Emotionally, addicting addictions are overly vulnerable to those who try to take away what he or she wants. Addicts struggle to suppress their negative feelings and are immature and childish. If they become too addictive, they will explain the reasons why they think they are better people when they abuse their content of their choice. Their low self-esteem is very sensitive to how others feel about them. They are soon to find the flaws in others to get their attention.

Spiritually, the addict is losing. He is underestimated by his spiritual self. Addiction believes that the addict will be all and perfect person whom God intended him to be. True possibility is punished. The addict does and says things he would not normally do if he lived his life without the need for addiction. The addict misses so much in his life that he wants and needs too much and allows him to give himself.

In the days of the disease, I manifest in my negative feelings which condemned my weaknesses and sins. My feelings constantly eat my unhappiness. If I acknowledged that God was my source for real happiness, I would have to admit my mistake, something that a bankrupt person is unable to do. In fact, the addict must have confidence in God first to stop his addiction and then begin to grow out of selfish side of the rebel personality of them.

Alcohol and drugs affect the whole family. Family members are affected in different ways, especially those who love the addict and enable addiction. This person is called enabler because they sweep things under the floor, so pretend it's not a problem. Unfortunately, enabler usually gets a brunt of abuse from an addict because the addict expects so much of them. If the update does not get through the drugs and the need for constant requests, Enabler would have got better protection! Enabler is as ill psychologically, emotionally and mentally as the attacker. They need both assistance.

Enabler is a rescuer of noise. As long as the problem is constantly swept under the blanket of enabler, addiction will continue to evolve further because no one thinks there is a problem! To deny that the problem is present runs rampant in homes where addiction is fed. The longer the addict continues to use, the worse it will be for everyone involved.

What happens to the man who controls addiction? Many things take place, but some of the people who control the addicts are not always obvious to anyone else. Usually what we first see in the addict is an emotional imbalance in mental and mental capacity and health deterioration. But what is not anxiety about addiction is actually the most important factor in every person is actually. And there is a lack of mental realism in the noise. He or she through his addiction denies spiritual Christ to intervene in the frame of theirs. As long as the addict is still defeated, they will be a slave to his addiction. Unfortunately, it usually takes something very radical and awful to happen to the addict before giving up their addiction and asking God for forgiveness and help. This is called "end of drugs lead" or "bottom out effect."

Embellishments look like everyone else. They go to church, recognize God, raise families and have caregivers. But with all this, they still lack mental development and divine wisdom to realize the effects and consequences of their addiction. This is not important for the addict. Because the addict is only able to continue with his life without anyone realizing problems, the addict gives greater justification and credibility to remaining in his addiction. They themselves are still denied, talking to themselves about having a problem. They have to bottom out! The backside of it is, enabler continues to rescue drug behavior and so they never bottom out!

The addict one way or another must deal with his true source of who he is and with his potential existence. But if the addict is denied, it's hard for him to do. The addict is usually a selfish and arrogant person who has not prevented him or her and so how can they know, understand, accept and believe in their author for guidance?

Enablers can do something to help the addict, but they are afraid it will somehow change the addict or the addict will not love them anymore. Basically, enabler needs help first, so he can assist the addict.
Three main reasons Enabler continues to save the addict is below. Three main reasons the addict can not stop using are below.

(1) Fear = panic, fear, fear, fear, fear of the unknown, etc.
(2) Denial = deny mentally to believe and emotionally reject disclaimer
proud, arrogant, unbeliever, insurgent, arrogant, self-righteous

Addiction takes on mind with such power the addict is afraid even thinking about living without addiction. Addicts try to quit, but their bodies and minds tell them they can not. They are filled with fear and terror in thinking of not getting their next party, afraid they can not cope with life, but it's just not so!

First, to abstain from addiction that has controlled mind, body and soul for so long makes us unsafe and suicidal, but the addict can withstand and overcome these fears in God's help. But first before any of this has any effect on the addict, he has to stop!

By trusting what God says is true, you can believe in the power of God's Word to help you away from your fears and into the truths of God and love. God's Word is drug abuse and shelter. God breathless words, and spiritual presence over power evil and reveals the truth of an addict. The evil is addiction, and the love of God is stronger and more powerful than any addiction.

Anonymous teachers alcohol consumption to believe in greater power because addicts are powerless to change on their own. This statement is very true. Why do you think addicts stop for a moment to return back? They thought they had plenty of strength and wanted to risk their own.

All scriptures are the Spirit of God, useful for teaching, punishing, correcting, and exercising in righteousness. "
2 Timothy 3: 15-16

When the addict is afraid, terrible and insecure, or simply strange in their body, they need to go to the script. If they try to return to addiction, they need to go to the scriptures and ask the Spirit of Jesus Christ to seize them in their temptation. They must rely on God with all their heart, mind and soul and he will deliver them from the wicked addictions!

I know God returns people away from addiction and sins, it happened to me! I prayed to God with all my heart and mind to lead me out of my addiction. I also prayed for a desire for alcohol to be taken for granted. I have been sober for more than twelve years now and I do not even have a desire to drink. When I see others abuse alcohol, I feel so uncomfortable and deeply saddened because I know exactly how they feel and what you eir go through. It's not good.

The addict must really stop his addiction before God will intervene. God wants to know that you are for him and not against him. When we abuse our minds day by day, we do not have spiritual awareness to even acknowledge his existence that created us! God wants you to recognize him and ask him to help you increase your addiction.

"I am ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for the salvation of all who believe." Romans 1:16

Addicts are powerless without God! The Spirit of Christ is a fortress in the future. That's the basis for your life! Do you want to stop beating yourself? Humble down proudly and proudly. Release the old, sinful selfishness to God. Leave them heavy burdens. Believe in yourself and know what better person you can serve God without the weight of addiction on your shoulders!

Come to Jesus Christ! "For I am the LORD your God, who takes your right hand and says to you," Do not be afraid, I will help you. " Isaiah 41:13

"For God did not give us patience but breath of power, love and self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1: 7

Jesus Christ is the power to conquer all that holds us in bondage. The basis of truth, wisdom and love is our strength! Get it now and let your addiction go for good!


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