Overcome the habit and addiction

It's important to learn how to overcome habits and addiction because they are unconditional action-things we repeatedly do without awareness of why we do. They limit our experience of life.

An example would be a concern. We integrate it into our daily lives because we have to use it. We dare to give it more attention. People worry about all their lives without giving it attention. It has become so familiar that it looks different. Almost like breathing. But breathing has an important role. Do not worry.

Another example would be to use us to watch TV. We get into the pattern or torn to watch TV every night and we do not give it a conscious thought of why we do. If a man or woman watching five hours of television should think about his impact on his life if he or she devoted only one hour to night to something else such as music, writing, meditation, yoga, language, physical activity or just interacting with their children, they would make the changes.

The effect would be high. But they never give it thought because it's a habit, a way of life, so engrained that the possibility of change does not exist. They have no choice because they have not made a choice.

In the movie, The Dead Poets Society the teacher who played Robin Williams, the boys in their class have on their class to watch the world from a slightly different angle. We must be so habituated to look at the world from the same perspective we do not even entertain that there is another point of view.

We look at life from the perspective of our "religion," or "our nation," or "our culture." We look at life through the lens of our perception, which is shaped by our past experiences. Therefore, diversity in the world is so fun. It gives us an opportunity to approach life from another perspective.

When you see variety, do you see unity or see departments? Different people differ in different ways. Perhaps your point of view of fragmentation is just the habit of learning from unconscious society. And your broken approach to life gives you a broken reaction. Is not that how life works? It's like a relationship. If your spouse approaches you with love, you answer with love. If your spouse approaches you with irritation, your answer will be irritated. As above, then below.

You also find this in physics. For example, physicist David Bohm pointed out that some limited thoughts might say: "Violations of cities, religions, politics, conflict in the form of war, general violence, fratricide, etc. Are reality." Wholeness is only an ideal that we should potentially seek. "Bohm continues to say that integrity is what is real and that separation is the answer in all this to man." In other words, "says Bohm," it's just because reality is all this man, with his fragile approach, will inevitably be answered with a corresponding response to a response. "

Our approaches to life become standard. Common methods of life give us the usual consequences of consciousness or worse. If we want to improve the results, we have to change our approach and we can only do this with consciousness – to see why we do it We must look at how we do what we do and why we do it.

Do you think about what you eat? Or do you eat what your mom and dad eat? Do you know about fiber , fat, pesticides, additives and artificial pigments? If not, why not? Have you been a habit? If you are, it's sun and it's called awareness. It's your life. Do not live on self-control. Unleash your curiosity. [19659002] Explore all day to see if there are other ways to get there, which will be more fun, more productive, healthy, adequate or more relaxing. In terms of relationships, could you ask yourself how you respond to your partner? Are you listening? Are there ways you could be more accessible? Are there more ways to express your love?

What's the first thing you do when you come up? The first priority every morning for some people is to knock on the blanket and go to sleep again. There must be a lot of conscious thinking in it! Some make a pot of coffee first this morning. Some say prayers. Some exercise. Some jump into the shower. Some people begin to worry.

Here's what I do: If I see a daylight, I thank God for another life day and I see how I want my day to evolve. If I know rough, I stand on my head. That's how you get the blood in my brain. I can think better and it helps me stay awake. It also improves my bloodstream and it is useful for my eyes.

There is no right or wrong way to start the day. But do not limit yourself because of habits. Make a conscious choice. If you start the morning no longer works for you, you can change.

My sister gave me a book called How to think like Leonardo da Vinci. It was an eye-catcher. Check it out at the library or in your favorite bookstore. Leonardo always looked for other ways to do things. According to the book, Leonard lived his life according to seven principals. One of them was called Dimostrazione . It means an obligation to test knowledge with experience, perseverance and want to learn from mistakes.

The author of the book, Michael Gelb, noted that "if you are interested in thinking for yourself and freeing your mind from limiting practices and assumptions, you are on the right path for another principle: Dimostrazione." Leonardo said that "the greatest illusion that men suffer from their own opinions." The reason for the great deception is that the views are formed without a critical analysis.

Only you can answer questions you ask about your life. But the most important factor is that you have to ask the questions – test your knowledge. And then do not be too stubborn or addicted to the past to make new changes if you decide that changes would be the best actions.

When I sit here to write this I look at my daily life. Does that call me well? No, it is not. Most of the time I do not think about it. I just run things up. No reason. Now that I'm thinking about it, I have a choice. My choice now that I'm doing is keeping it neat. It was easy. The table looks better when. The problem arises when we do not think about it.

With focused attention in any area of ​​your life, you can remember what impact or change will be in your life. If that outcome or change is important to you, then you will be motivated to change behavior. But if we do not pay attention, we will not see the installment. And without charge, there is no incentive, and it does not happen.

With attention we have a choice. Without that, we are on autopilot. Sometimes it's all right. But more often than not, losing some opportunities for a better or more productive life. If it's important to you, spend time and attention on an unforgettable part of what's normal. And you can make a conscious choice.


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