Kicking Your Addiction – The 5 Golden Rules

Rule # 1- Forget your power, your will is what made you where you are!

Our drugs are so powerful and cruel force that no one can conquer on their own. As soon as we accept this fact, and believe me, it is a proven fact, we have given ourselves a real opportunity to find recovery and overcome the slavery of our own will. If we try to make it possible for us to kick off our addiction with our own will, we will be sick of our disease and continue to do the same mistakes again and again and never stay clean in any significant time. It is necessary to realize that it is "our own will" which led us to our addiction and our own will that kept us suffering. To our left we will constantly look for different ways to use "successfully", but this is nothing but deception. This is the voice of our disease that addresses our weaknesses, telling us that we do not have a problem or just need our medicine to work or "continue". Our disease wants to keep us sick; it's far too powerful for us to try to fight it alone. It takes us from our family, our friends and in many cases it is so powerful that it even takes us from our children. Who in the right mind would give up the ones they love so much about drugs, alcohol or addiction? The answer is simple: no one in his right mind would. When we are sick of our addiction, we are far from being in our proper minds; In fact, our mind is no longer controlled by us but by our addiction. Drugs are calling all the pictures; They control our day, our thoughts and all our decisions. We are not in control of our lives and we are engaged in an endless cycle of sickness and desperation. Give over your will and miracles will start to happen, I can praise you first hand.

Rule # 2- You do not have to do this alone. There are people who will help you!

The disease wants us to believe we are alone, but we are not alone in reality, there are millions of addicts like us and we need each other to strike this terrible existence. Millions of addicts have found recovery and they live a wonderfully happy life today. Do not dare to believe the old clergy, "once an addict, always an addict". The noise is dead, and I'm one living example. My life today is full of blessings and true happiness.
There is so much help we get from other addicts who have found recovery and new life for themselves and they owe their lives to help addicts who still suffer. It's one of the main ways we keep clean, giving others what was given us so freely. There are 12 step meetings everywhere you look, all hours of the day, every day of the week. At these meetings you will find others who once felt hopeless, but now they are free. It's a charitable recognition code for anyone seeking their help and wishing for freedom from their addiction. People who understand us and love us unconditionally without judgment. What's better to help an addict than another addict who has been in the shoes and found a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel called Recovery? No matter how bad you think your problem is or how little your addiction has taken you, there will always be addicts worse than them, you felt more losing than you, but you still seemed to be quiet and siblings.

Rule # 3- We must follow our recovery as steadily as we pursue our next hair!

When we needed our medicine we did what it took to get them. Now it's time to do what it takes to save us from our addiction addiction. We must take the same intensity and perseverance and turn tables on our addiction. Just as nothing prevents our quest for our next high, nothing can stand in the way of our recovery and perfect happiness. We need to change everything. We can no longer be associated with the same people who were part of our old drugs. If we want to be healthy then we can not spend time with those who choose to be sick. We can no longer visit places that were part of our old drugs. We must leave behind if we should pass, no exceptions. And finally, we must change what we use to do when we were still weak in our addiction. We do not have business in clubs, bars or any place that called for our addiction. Everything changes for the better, but we change better from our weak supplementary days first. Continuing to order is sure of a recipe for backlash and even more suffering than before. If we want our lives back bad enough then we have to fight for it. What this is about, fighting for our lives, our freedom, our loved ones and our happiness. This is one battle that is worth being part of the battle! It's time to live, rather than just exist. I fought this battle and I conquered, you will find the same great results if you are very sick and tired of living your life in chains.

Rule # 4- Win 12 points! – The Secret to Being Clean

It's a wonderful feeling when we're clean for some time and we start to reap the rewards and blessings of our victory over our addiction, but the journey is just getting started and we have to take certain steps to keep Our new freedom we have so much wowed. We must understand that even if we have given up the drugs, we will always be recovering. Do not take this as bad because it's really a chance for us to learn to live our real life in full. It is a continuing education that helps us grow and leads us to peace and inner peace. The 12 steps are suggested by those who came before us, describing the steps they took to not only find freedom from active dependence but to ensure that we never have to return to our old lives. Being clean was one thing, but being clean is our ultimate goal. We must never return to our old lives of destruction and despair again. By working these steps, go to the 12-step meeting and help other addicts who still suffer, we provide the tools we need to fix problems in our lives without using drugs. This is not an option, because this is a proven way that will lead us to freedom and many awards.

Rule # 5 – Always Be Grateful! A grateful addict will never use!

Always remember where you were, all the terrible places that your addiction took you. Be humble and take yourself away. Your gratitude will keep you clean! Your owner will send you back to the tomb you once created. Never believe that you've been addicted to your addiction, it's a stupid prostitution for backlash. Always remember what your life was like your active dependence. Keep it very green no matter how long you've been clean. Never lose sight of your appreciation. By helping others in need, we need to keep ourselves clean. We are reminded of where we were once and we are grateful for our delivery from our suffering and hopelessness. A grateful addict will never use! Life is yours to take, so take your new life and find your true happiness.


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