Important tool to recover from addiction – play tape through

When most people recover, they are frozen strong in phenomenal feelings like grief, suicide, sadness, fear, hurt and victims. They may not be able to say that, but this wording says: "There are two things I despise the most, change and how things are." Frozen stuck.

What happens to the people is that the love, recognition, and authentication in the 12 steps begin to thaw them out. They can start to become soft and flexible to hear some new ideas and thoughts. It is said that they only need to change one, but that's all!

Alcoholics and addicts of all kinds have one thing in common, it is a short sight, looking for apparent orgasm. There is a joke in the 12 steps about how to say their social drink when they say something like, "allow you to save some of this (alcohol or medicine or cake) for later." The recovery of alcoholics in the room just laugh at this strange thought. In the mind of active addicts there is no "later". It's just unbearable now. And in recovery, this begins to change, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

A great tool that any newcomer should have given them for their recovery tools is the phrase, "Play the table through to the end". We are not talking here about replacing the negative table for the positive table but rather playing the table through to the end, and finding out the end of the story.

For non-alcoholic or addict, let me explain what this means. Almost all alcoholics have mentioned the use of Euphoria, usually very early in their drinking career, "Six feet tall and bulletproof", "the most beautiful girl in the room", "I can dance", "I'm loved", "I belong universe "," I'm not a mistake "and so on. It's this euphoric remember who keeps the addict picking up over and over, looking for a moment. It is usually very related to the sound of boiling, or the icing shakes in the glass when the first French drink is a beloved, successful dealer, or opening this new pack of cigarettes and breaking down the film. .. This is the moment when people get used to recovery – playing a second between the expectation and the first blow, drink or hit. And the second is because the moment of destruction is so beautiful that it is no more than a dangerous one else in the illusion of the addict's mind. But this is where a novice will stop the table. Right this second, and play it over and over again, anticipation, sufficient desire or desire, over and over again.

Newcomer's tools are delivered, "Play the band through to the end," does not mean pause, rewind, let it play through. What happens after the first glass of wine? Another glass? Third, fourth, fifth, bottle after bottle? Drinking and running, look back on the faces of the children when they realize you've revoked? The dark streets, crack houses and jailbreaks? The hangover at work Monday morning shakes, sickness, shame and repentance, and even worse, you see again in active addiction and can not stop. Play the table through to the end.

We do not use this tool very often differently than in this particular situation, because it is one day in schedule and we try to continue from the past and the future. We try to be at the moment. But this is one of the most powerful tools for recruits that could be seen in euphoric memory.


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