Hypnosis for self-esteem – Part 3

In Part 2, I described more about how hypnosis works to improve and create changes in mind and body. Here I will share a certain way because people used hypnosis – often with miracles!

Weight loss / Changes in eating habits

One of the more hypnosis is the weight loss. Most people know what to do to lose weight, but it's hard to cope with it. Hypnosis helps people change their food settings (enjoy fruit, vegetables, etc.). Reduce taste / desire for sugar, salt, fatty acids), reduce appetite and be content with less food, drink more water (and less soda, etc.). .), increase the desire to exercise, stop emotional / stress and eating and even rapid metabolism.

An analysis of five research cases reported in the journal counseling and clinical psychology in 1996 showed that hypnosis can more than double the effect of conventional weight loss measures. Additional information from various sources repeats this result. It has also been found that individuals who use hypnosis for weight loss also have significantly longer long-term performance to keep weight away than those who do not use hypnosis.

Smoking / Tobacco Stop

People's second most popular reason for hypnosis is to help them quit smoking (or chew tobacco).

According to a new scientist, October 1992, "hypnosis is the most effective way to quit smoking based on the largest scientific comparison of ways to break the habit."

Journal of Applied Psychology identified over 600 studies of more than 72,000 people and clearly demonstrated that one-on-one hypnosis was 3x more effective than traditional nicotine replacement therapy to help people quit smoking.

This strengthens what I've seen over the years working with people to quit smoking with hypnosis. The habit is less about nicotine and more about mental conditions. Indeed, from my point of view, smoking is only about 10% physical and 90% mental. That's why I have a customer who has tried to replace nicotine switching options (patches, rubber, etc.). And still smoked – because it was not about nicotine.

Hypnosis is effective no matter how much you smoke or how long you have been smoking. One of my clients, Joan Kelly, quit 50 years of three-week routine after 3 hypnosis hypnosis. I'm still in touch with her and she will celebrate 3 years of non-smoking in June.

Phobia / Fear / Variation

One of the reasons why hypnosis works well is that it utilizes the power of emotions and relationships to create a deep, lasting and even instantaneous change.

Most people think that change or learning need to take a long time. But the mind can learn very quickly – even immediately. Phobias are examples of this. They are usually created in a very emotional simple experience (like being seriously started, wrinkled or shocked). The relationship that the brain made at that time to the emotion and the motivations that created it can be deeply intrinsic so that the same feeling is a consequence when this impetus is introduced again.

Phobia is a very strong, uncontrollable physical reaction in the body; Fears and aversions are less serious but still uncomfortable. With hypnosis, we can neutralize these stimulating responses very quickly and easily (especially when accompanied by a special NLP technique) – often in a single session. So, whether it's a fear of driving, hills, enclosed spaces, dogs, flying, birds, water / swimming, public speaking or even brocoli, hypnosis can help you reduce or prevent fear or negative connection to it.

Healing / Surgical / Cancer

Research and stories are largely about how people have cured themselves by simply visualizing and believing that they could. The new study of psychoneuro-immunology is to prove that the mind has amazing power over the body, creating what is often referred to as a "medical miracle".

People have gone back when the doctor told them they would never. They have reduced tumors or did completely disappear. Blood flow has decreased by suggesting it is like a faucet switched off. Pain in pain has been reduced or eliminated by various methods. Surgery has even been performed without drug by turning the analgesic into the brain and / or increasing the production of endorphins – analgesics 200x more powerful than morphine.

The immune response has been rapid and causes healing to occur at a high rate than average. Adverse reactions from conventional cancer treatment (nausea, hair loss, loss of appetite, healthy cells destroyed with cancer cells, etc.) have been relieved.

Sports Development

Ever since we learned that Russia was using "visualization" technology to improve its Olympics and & # 39; Performance, athletes and others who are interested in improving their performance have been implementing this "mental training" in their workout.

Subconscious and the body do not know the difference between doing something physically and imagining in detail doing it physically. Same nerves of fire, same muscle reactions occur. Still, we can practice our minds faster and faster than in physical reality.

Interview with the top athlete and you will probably find it is an exercise that they have enabled them to excel in their sports. Most athletes have a sports psychologist who helps to train his team in this technique. I have helped many individuals in different sports to improve their performance with such spiritual exercises.

Other Terms of Use

Although there are restrictions on hypnosis, its use is extensive. Here are some more ways people have used to gain more health, success and happiness:

* Stress Reduction
* Test Anxiety
* Stopping
* Hypersensitivity

* Anxiety / Mood
* Anxiety / Mood
* Sleep / Insomnia
* Learning / Memory / Strength

* Nervous Tissue / Nervous Routine

* Objective
* Motivation / Loans and more!


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