How to gain self-awareness and self-awareness and ensure self-esteem

Life has become like a great marathon. For many, no minutes spent relaxing. We are rushing at work, sweating to work time, hurrying to pick the kids from school, run to hit the world at home, rush to have dinner and put children in bed and start preparing for the morning; and finally last a few hours. Come the next day, the cycle goes back and forth. This has helped to delay self-perception.

Many forget about free time independently, especially parents. With pressure from work, home and social circles, it becomes very easy to drink one dream. When this happens, you start living a life that others want you and not as you would love. It prevents self-perception.

You continue to work for companies that do not even understand you because you need and not because you want. You get in a career you've never even imagined yourself, but just because your parents or spouse wanted you to go in that direction and you would not disappoint them, accept yourself. Many are the ones who attach their true personality to fit in their social circles and in the process fail to feel self-esteem.

Do not fight your feelings or delay your dreams so that you may please others by living as they perceive to be. If you want to gain self-esteem, live your life in full. The most wonderful gift you can always give is always to be convinced for yourself. You can endure anything but your conscience.

Life is not back, we only get to live once and make the most of every hour you have, this is also called self-discovery. Life is short, so do what makes you self-sufficient. Put yourself aside for yourself and take a break from your advanced program, it will help you reflect and bring self-awareness.


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