How to break the addiction into anger

"The minds are thoughts that can hurt or help me
constantly choose the content of the mind."

Dr. Gerald Jampolsky

There are many ways to be addicted to and many purposes of addiction serves. Addiction to anger is one of the most common and deadly addicts, and one recognized recognized. Like addiction to alcohol or drugs, the addict feels good at the outset, becomes afraid of anger and then gradually when addiction grows, she spends more and more of her life and produces painful discrepancies.

The Best Way to Undo Addiction

The best way to get rid of addiction is to look completely in your face, see how it works, when it's up, how it's moving, lies it tells us, wrong promises it and the high costs we pay for it. When we fully understand the process of addiction, the next step is to free up the fear that continues – to cope with the need for it to fuel it. Thus, we take power back over our own lives.
To start this process, to fully look at our addiction, we begin by looking at some of the addictions that serve.

Addiction Addiction

When we are added, all we can think of is our addiction, to get another "hit". Our focus and attention are narrowing, many aspects of life are locked. This itself is calming for many. As a focus, it narrows us numbs and blocks out the painful emotions and experiences we could not wish to deal with. At this point, addiction is a defense against pain and anxiety. It prevents us from seeing and dealing with issues that need to be retrieved. Although this is a temporary relief, the situation is behind addiction, fuel that nourishes, fastens and increases.

Drugs also provide a sense of pleasure, power, being high, mighty and invincible. (A protection against feelings of helplessness and inability of many feel). Despite the fact that the good feelings that the drugs produce are temporary, longing for them may be so great that an individual becomes blind to the consequences of addiction. They also become blind because when the addiction develops, the dose increases – they are inevitably more and more fun. Do not only increase the dose, it also has a negative effect on your life. Many become slaves to their addiction. Gradually it all takes away.

Addiction gives a false sense of security. All while addiction is running, it makes the individual safe and secure. The fact, however, is that addiction destroys the actual safety of the individual. It blinds them from doing what it takes to build a living of true value and stability.
Lenny was usually a gentle man who drew himself when he faced conflict and concern. He feared talking up, fearing to hurt others and fearing to be in a bad way. As a result, his life died.

He was sent over for presentation and despite his fine talents, he undertook a minor task. In one office conflict, when his immediate boss was present, something went on in Lenny. "I could not take it again," he said. "I found my face to turn red and just opened my mouth and let everyone know where I stand on uncertain terms." In order for Lenny to wonder, rather than being censored for his extinction, he was respected. People began to look at him with new eyes, as someone to calculate.

This was Lenny's first experience in anger. He liked it. It gave a sense of power and strength that had been lacking. Then he felt better too. Soon he became impressed. Rather than dealing with their feelings about oneself and learning constructive ways of connecting to others, Lenny began to rely on rash. (How children can count on tantrums). Lenny endangered his staff in his songs, characterized by the fact that he caught up with him and drew attention to him for a long time. Soon Lenny started trying this at home too. In spite of upset, he formed him, he got what he wanted.

Impact of addiction to anger

Long time Lenny was addicted to anger. Initially, he gave him a sense of strength. He did not even know that his close friends and family were pulling him away. He did not associate anger with the new difficulties he developed through his digestion or bad dreams that he had. Lenny soon began to be angry, without anger, used, bypassed. He needed the anger in his life. And he was willing to pay the price.

When we are angry, we often have a temporary sense of strength, energy, legitimacy, power, power or control. Very like alcohol, anger wrath that takes can block fear, barriers and doubts. There is a temporary sense of freedom and promotion that we usually lack.
Wrath can also block logical thinking, which indicates that we are absolutely right. When some are angry, there is no room for wavering, and they do not have to do it. Some individuals who find it difficult to make decisions can easily do them. They do not realize that they are not the decision makers, but the hostility they host. Decisions made while angry are often unilateral and focus only on limited factors throughout the situation. These decisions rarely give positive results.

Anger gives a sense of justification. Many features that seem unacceptable when calm seems perfectly fine when we are angry. Wrath also encourages us to express negative thoughts and feelings we might have kept in things that could better go true. Of course, it is difficult to take these words back after rebel. Even if we apologize for any side effects. While it's good to talk out while angry, a little later when reality begins, it's often a feeling of regret. Somehow, we need to pay for what we have done.


Enter the time when you are angry or upset automatically. What people, thoughts, memories or circumstances bring this up? For now, just notice and write it down. As you go through the day, when another flash of anger strikes, step back and write it down as well. Rather than responding blind, you're going back and take time to just look.

When we stop responding to an agitated anger, we begin to remove the vapor.

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