Heart injury and addiction

If this is the case, where do you start to think brain damage is happening? There are indications that metabolism often becomes a factor in the wake of injury. But there are positive indicators that indicate that some of those who have had abuse of problems for their injuries have contributed by putting them in risk situations.

When does it start? Learning, behavioral problems and emotional malnutrition are a few problems that can affect body effects later in life. These children are usually not defined early enough. Teenagers who abuse alcohol and drugs have been found to have an abnormal brain that sometimes leads to cognitive impairment. This also poses a greater risk of headache. And even more seriously, a high proportion of prisoners of the population, especially men, has suffered brain damage and has also had a background of abuse of adolescents. According to some experts in this area, more programs are needed to address these childhood problems before they face serious problems by endangering.

After such injuries, many sufferers once issued from the hospital can continue their behavior because they have more free time, fewer activities to keep them busy and they feel drinking or using drugs way to cope with the emotional consequences of their injuries.

Even those who survived injuries due to injuries that have not previously been drug users can do so because boredom and the fact that former friends can rarely visit. Tolerance of alcohol is determined after head injury and even small amounts can reduce intellectual and physical activity. Because of amnesia, survivors are unaware of being aware of the extent of their abuse or at least will not be willing to acknowledge to the extent that their use is used. As family members, if necessary, return to work and other actions, it is difficult to observe that the brain injury patient is easy to participate in the lifestyle of metabolism.

And because symptoms of allergic reactions such as instability and blurred speech can sometimes be similar to some symptoms of this type of injuries, it can be difficult to determine what they actually have problems with drug abuse. But many types of alcohol and drugs like marijuana have a special smell. It may also be necessary to monitor whether these symptoms are only pronounced when the patient has been on their own. Unfortunately, all problems with brain damage are difficult, if not impossible, if alcohol or metabolism is a factor.

It is important to know when there is a risk of brain damage being happening and to take the necessary measures to prevent prevention. This is especially true in the case of children most at risk due to different situations in their lives.


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