Good addiction

Life is a trip! And it's not like we're finding a custom list of options when we're born in the world. Being placed into the world, not of your choice, would think we get all the tools we need, set in the right environment and show all the love we need to thrive. Here's the kiss: We are! It just does not come in a package we live, nor does it come easy. Immediately from birth, life is a lover. You do not know what's happening and has an infinite need to scream at the top of your lungs … Not much has changed since now, ha?

The circumstances we face in life, make life a struggle and shake our entire world, especially when the foundation was never settling to begin with. It is an innate natural person who involves achieving something, a basic foundation for stability and support. We will find everything we can continue to keep us stable. For many Americans grows this need addiction. 16 percent of the United States are dependent on alcohol, nicotine or other medicines. * A new report shows that the substance abuses strikes obesity and is one of the health problems in America.

However, all addiction is not toxic or results in negative results. We also hold variations of things with more spiritual undertones such as sex and food, addiction that results from the need to consume and fulfill, to feel comfortable. Same stuff, the purpose is still the same: To fill, To meet inadequate and emptiness, we find and fill an endless pit inside our souls. It's a temporary moment of pleasure to consume, so we continue in large quantities in hopes of fasting the moment. But the affected effects are never achieved, in fact, it makes a bit worse. The cycle of addictions destroys life and makes only life more struggle.

The problem addresses not only the finances and quality of personal life. It affects the country: Addiction is also America, which is one of the healthcare and health issues. About 30 percent of our federal and state health services are attributable to this. Over all public expenditures, the total cost is almost $ 500 billion a year. * Satisfactory, "What we consume, distress us." But the nature of addiction is not quite bad. In light of all research, one addiction has never produced any negative effects, the side effects are more natural than the terminal and it is the only form that consumes the known increase in physical production. It is perhaps the most controversial of all: It is … Self-faith and addiction to glory. It is a poisonous inspiration in the glory of the earth and naturally stimulating that we are born with our inner soul. This stimulant medicine is more medicine than everyone else, which causes us to produce more and the same we use to overcome.

However, the facts of this addiction have been investigated on more than one part or biased account. It has affected millions. Being exposed to it gives unusual weight to the fact that religion is a matter * As a rule, it has the best results. When we have faith and our relationship with God, our will only depend on us, heals all of our pain and surely takes us to a second level of life: the life we ​​were meant to live. Of course, adding the substance to the faith, it's not called addiction … It's & # 39; Coldest resurrection! It is indeed something that a human spirit has to thrive. Think about it, and next time you feel small, do not pick up the bottle, pick up the Bible. It contains all the answers to our wishes and our ability to do. Remember that faith is a drug! Do you have someone?

* US percentages and statistics based on a report from the National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA). * Hebrews 11: 1 (KJV)


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