God and Addiction – Higher Power Explained

For many people who struggle with addiction, there is a time when the implementation of free treatment will be tired. Be it alcoholic, drug, gambling or pornography, patterns are the same for those who have tried traditional methods, but still tend to come back when life breaks into.

The twelve-step program has its merit, all based on perception of submission, which, when interpreted correctly, is not the same as giving up. By believing that we are more than a matter of substance, which deteriorates at a steady rate, we understand that a man and a woman have a spiritual offense, but their end is at least a mystery.

Twelve-step recovery is not a program sponsored by a particular religious group on a party. However, people who use this program find it in accordance with their own deep-held spiritual beliefs. It has no official religious relationship. However, it is a unique program that helps us rediscover and deepen our spiritual part of ourselves. We also came to understand it by working twelve steps, that our spirituality is important. We learn to live our lives according to God's instructions, our Higher Power. When used as intended, the steps are a significant and effective way to prevent God to heal the injured person.

Twelve steps the process of recovery is a spiritual journey. It takes us away from life as we experience confusion and sadness instead of peace and quiet, one day at a time. Many changes can and will come upon us, but they will not happen at once. The process takes time and great patience. God, in his time, brings us the strength of nature that comes only in the form of a healthy relationship with him. A relationship that should grow over time.

Working twelve steps with God's help allows us to acknowledge a lot of our negative or submissive nature. This process is similar to sunlight and shadow. When we stand in the sunlight, we see that we cast a shadow. Similarly, when we begin to work the program and recommend ourselves to God standards and principles, we can then see our need. Through our relationship with God, we can redefine the boundaries we set ourselves, and we discover that everything is possible for those who love God.


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