Finishing matters can be like ending addiction

Having affair can be similar to addiction. No matter how often you do not tell you, you fall in the same position. Infidelity is like any other addiction and when you realize that this is not what life should be, you will decide to quit. Typically, this practice comes too late in the game. If you play, someone is always going to get hurt. Completing issues can be one of the most difficult things you do especially if you are in love with this person.

If you sit here reading this and you're the one in the matter, ask yourself: Is this really worth it? Do you fall in love with those you are in business with or are you just moving from person to person to cheating on your partner? Ask yourself – do you have children? Is this a thing worth destroying their lives around you?

The council I want to give is that you have to choose. Choose to proceed to the case that is completely unfair to the person you are concerned with or choose to complete the case and continue your life with your partner. If you have strong feelings for the person in the case then I will be a hard choice. If you have a little meaningful case for the sex, then you have other problems that you need to fix in marriage counseling. With a lot of work, you can save your marriage and your marriage might get stronger.

If you want to save your marriage and stop the matter, ask yourself these questions:

Still have feelings for your partner?
Do you want to continue marriage?
Do you want to be bound to save it if you decide to do it ??

We make all mistakes. That's what happens next that will define what kind of person you are. Do you want to make this affair destroy your life and children's lives forever? It's in your hands. Make the decision


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