Ethical opinion on drugs

Code of Ethics and Code of Practice are presented by professionals such as the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC). Such rules define the principles of ethical conduct that the profession requires. In addition, treatment centers, such as the Hazelden Foundation, define requirements for employees designed to ensure harmonized ethical conduct across the organization ( However, it is necessary to practice as a professional judge, ethical decision-making and regular inspiration and an explanation of personal ethics.

Active helpers are those who have self-awareness, research method, desire to seek competence, emotional objectivity, and facilities and attitudes. Self-awareness refers to the counselor with insight into who they are, what is important to them, their unique gifts and the limitations they bring in relief work. From the twelve-point perspective, this includes an ordinary, step ten, personal file (Alcoholics Anonymous, Basic Text, 1995). The counselor needs to be aware of the energy consumption of the counselor: patient relationship and "avoiding actions that seek to meet personal needs at the expense of customers" (ACA, A.5)

To be effective, the consultant needs to keep a regular stock of their attitudes and values. Hazelden employees need to provide "fair and justified practices" and treat all patients with "dignity and respect". As a professional member of ACA and NAADAC, a consultant is committed to "dodge his own value on customers" (ACA, A.5) and to "shape neutrality and integrity" (NAADAC, 2). This means exercising patience, tolerance and unconditional intentions for each client and being aware of personal views, which in many cases are exemplified by the cultural experience of European protesters, the middle class, the traditional cultural history of the family.

This is especially important as counseling is rooted and reflects the prevailing value of the larger community, and it primarily reflects Eurocentric worldview. As a consequence, treatment tends to represent cultural suppression and cause harm to customers. In 1991, the Ministry of Multicultural Advice advised advisory work to minimize this risk by adopting ethical standards that would encourage talent in multinational counseling. The current protocol of the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Consultants stipulates that counselors should discriminate against clients based on racial, religious, age, sex, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation or economic situation (NAADAC, 2001). While the standard is clear, the skills needed to meet my expectations are less. Lack of clarity is an example, and partly because of inconsistent and confusing concepts, such as culturally relevant, multicultural, ethnic and cultural diversity. Coordinated construction is necessary to identify the problem at the individual level and to analyze and implement solutions.

The counseling and counseling relationship is based on mutual respect and trust. Both are increased by the counselor in accordance with such ethical parallels. Moral bread stands for indelibly destroying trust. With addiction is a potentially fatal disease, adequate correlation with all ethical views from a doctor or counselor, it is a matter of life and death.

John Derry,

Serenity Vista Retreat


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