Emotion addiction

Emotions are in many ways stimulation, a way to enjoy the body. Looking back to the culture of the past and today it is obvious that people are addicted to certain emotions whether they are good or bad. They warn us to have experience over and over again. Whatever this feeling comes from love, drugs, anger and other emotions, sex or music, it may even come from what is as simple as the pleasure of feeling about the warmth of the sun. Everyone has the feeling that they want to experience again and again.

When the symptoms are emotional, it is obvious that the body is stimulated by certain responses. Just as we fall and feel pain, we can do things in the body that also feels good, as, for example, sometimes feeling of skin and feeling can give us a lot of pleasure from our senses. It does not matter what feel it is and how we use it in emotions, but in some pictures they can become very addictive.

If drugs are bad for you in any way and still good in what you get from it, that would also apply to all the other feelings we have. It's definitely fun to find things we use for the first time and review it over and over again. Some emotions will never die in their enjoyment and may be addiction that we will never overcome. However, it is considered good and bad, and you can see what we want.

Anyone we look at is the question never asked that this emotional addiction can become our own very trap in a world that is so much more possible? Can we enable us to continue with endless drugs that contain us in a box we will never want to leave?

This is all the sarcasm of emotional anxieties that often ask people if something is good then why stop experiencing it? Well, that's the right premise, though there are always two sides in each story. Even meaningful emotions can turn people into addiction, change the very nature of their own nature and make them do things they would normally not want to do. In a trap there are only so many ways that you can turn and move before they are free of options.

Imagine that you're a person so fond of feeling you could never imagine living without it. That you would even sacrifice your own morals just so you can hold on your feelings and desires for what you hope is the rest of your life. Your whole life is about this feeling and you never want to give it up, not for anyone. This may be a choice of our own actions, and in some cases it could not have a big impact. But what we feel is also dependent on our own upbringing and what we choose to accept within ours.

This could also be seen differently, even when you look at emotions that we usually encourage and accept in a cultural way. We can also become so addicted that it can make us do things that could lead away from a recognized sense. An example of this might be when it comes to food, that it is socially accepted by most in this world that it is good, something to enjoy, and something that fosters us to survive. Then someone comes along and they want the feeling that the food gives them so much that they eat and eat until they almost do not stand out of the body weight. This over stimulation is then to do the opposite to his body, not nourishing but instead hurting it.

When certain emotions become addicted, they will no longer be usually accepted in our eyes. When we get overweight, health taxation is considered to be a great deal of health, not just on the individual but also on the community when it comes to healthcare, sickness and hospitals, in the case of heart disease and other things that result from excessive overheating .

It is not only overheating that we see these things happen, but in many other areas, even when necessary we must be with others. Something as simple as love, we need to be with others and the feeling we receive from the company's company can cause problems in our lives if taken at an addictive level. Especially if it comes to the person who does not want to participate in the collaboration and yet you can not live without them, it turns this reluctant sense of pain and people can become so surprised by losing such a feeling that they can go to Extreme to try to keep it. Maybe even killing or robbing another person to try and keep them in their lives.

These are, of course, a separate perspective on what addiction can create. Most people do not have overwhelming addiction with one sense of one but instead choose many different emotions they want to move back and forth from. Only feeling becomes addiction when we no longer get what we want from it and yet we can not live without it.

The key to overlap these feelings of addictions is to learn to balance the emotions we choose as important. We can all learn to look for many more emotions and stimulation to enhance our perception within the current framework. The smaller field of view can make for a smaller range of restrictions in which they live. This means that if they should increase their sense of feeling then they would then learn to balance things in their lives in a broader perspective. Allowed room and new ways to get a sense of stimulation and also to access the ability to move on from things, it is the ability to accept a change.

Feeling can be addiction that can keep us in a recurrence that can be so hard to overcome and learn to change. Balance is the key to recognition and ability to go to alternative choices and to see the world from a reduced limitation. This does not mean that we have to give up the feelings we use, but only increase the potential we come into contact with, which also allows us to experience many other things when we discover new feelings and experiences. It can also increase our sense of feeling, by entering more potential emotions we could not discover in the box we were holding on one feeling that only surprised us at the end.


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