Drugs Help – Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol

Symptoms of alcoholism are numerous. All alcoholics do not show every symptom, as every diabetes does not show any signs of diabetes. I will list some symptoms that I consider to be important.


These are temporary amnesia. They can last from a few minutes to a few hours. Mary begins to work, but ends up sitting in the garden admiring the bird; She does not know how she came there. Harry has a lot of time in a party and wakes up at someone else's home; He does not remember anything. The fact, however, is that both these people work efficiently. Mary pulled her car into the yard. Harry checked with his friends, and he was a life party; He even left himself around the town. This is one characteristic that you can wear a hat on.


Alcoholics think a lot about alcohol. The lunch or a few beers for lunch or drinks for dinner or weekends to drink – they are constantly in mind. The idea of ​​having a good time without watering is simply not feasible. Alcohol is constantly in their minds.


When an alcoholic starts drinking his career does not take much to succeed he wants. A couple of drinks and he is seven feet tall. No request is too difficult; no problem is insoluble. The world lies in front of him to conquer. A few more drinks and he thinks he is Albert Einstein and Kung Fu depends on one. The only trouble is that by the years to take place, it takes more and more power to achieve this effect. What was using two, now takes six or eight drinks. Tolerance to the drug is taking over, and addiction depends on the angle. Ever wonder how proud people have their ability to keep their alcohol? Anyone who can drink everyone under the table and draws them home is more to become an alcoholic. Alcoholics usually consume high amounts of alcohol.


No alcohol is required. He drinks fast. You could be halfway through your drink and he orders another round. Chances are he has had a few before you see – "getting the old machine running." Whoever drinks fast is to get into the problem.

Use as a medicine

"I need some drinks to settle on my nerves." "I can not sell until I bend a few down." "I can not sleep at night without a few drinks." People use the alcoholic alcohol as a sedative or sleeping pill. There is a great danger that we will investigate later. Alcohol, sleeping pills and sedatives are poor bedfellows. When alcohol is exchanged, or used in conjunction with any of the above, it is difficult to brew.

Drinking one

Alcoholics drink one. As the man said, "I only drink when I'm alone or when I have someone else!" This behavior is abnormal. Almost all drinks take a drink at any time, but the alcohol hits the bottle itself more than once at a time. One reason is obvious. He believes no one will know how much he drinks.

Geographic Change

Most alcoholics go a lot. They change jobs, go to different cities, different states, different countries. They expect it to be better for them. Joe Bar will not be there – the drinker will be absent. The only trouble is that it's Joe's Bar everywhere, and drinkers are not available. Things will not be better.

Hidden Bottle

Not all alcoholics hide bottles, but most do it. There is a bottle stashed in the drawer, one in the desk drawer, one gently away in the closet. When you start to find a bottle here and there, the disease is well down the road.


Charlie stops getting a few and ends up being plasticized. Mary is determined to reduce her drinking on a particular party and ends with a bomb in her mind. The alcoholic is unable to draw the line. Will power and resolutions disappear with the first drink. Some people sit down to full blindness. Alcohol is not. He is being pitied, not convicted.

Morning Tremor and Drink

Our good old nervous system comes alive after the depression of alcohol disappears. What does the alcoholic do with their liver at work? Of course, he drinks something in his eyes. For a male alcoholic, the electric motor is one of the world's best inventions. Always look at him and try to shave with a straight razor the next morning? When he's done he looks like he's been in a knife battle and lost. Tremor can be gross or fine – usually fine at first. I have seen people who could not drink a glass of water without leaking everything after having been sober every week. It takes time: The person who shakes or needs to drink in the morning has crossed or crossed the line.

I have expressed 10 symptoms of alcoholism; There are many, many more, but I think this is significant. Most people listen carefully as I click on them and express visible sigh when I name one that they do not have. Here is the force. You do not have to have every symptom to be a problematic. Diabetes or arthritis does not reveal any symptoms of classical disease. Some authorities believe that if someone answers four out of ten symptoms, he is definitely well in the disease.

Question: How can you tell about the difference between alcohol and the so-called "hard drinker"? This is definitely a natural query. In reply, I would say:

Alcoholism is a progressive disease. It's worse now than it was last year, and it was worse than it was five years ago. It will not be better; it worsens. Oh, there are times when alcohol can cease over time, months, sometimes years, but generally the picture is getting worse.

Alcohol can not control their drinking. The drink governs him. He does not mean being broken – that's what makes him alcoholic. He can not take a few and call it stops. He usually drinks until he is plasticized. This is a general rule.


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