Drugs and alcoholism; A therapeutic illness

Drugs and alcoholic diseases are comparable to chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma and hypertension and should be treated as such, according to an article published in the 2000 issue of the American Medical Association.

Authors Thomas McLellan, Ph.D. and Herbert D. Kleber, MD, conducted
literature research on these diseases and showed that there are
similar similarities between drugs, alcohol infections and chronic diseases. Yet, say
researchers, drug addiction is usually treated as it is acute
conditions. Changes to thinking about drugs as a chronic
disease can change how it is treated and ensured.

Researchers found that drugs and alcoholism share many symptoms
from other chronic diseases. In the field of genetic inheritance, for example, studies on diacyclic and bipolar twins have found
profitability plans of .25 to .50 for hypertension; .80 for Type 2
and .30 for Type 1 diabetes; and .36 to .70 for asthma. Fruits
Drugs are similar, ranging from .34 for heroin
Dependencies, .55 for alcohol abuse, .52 for marijuana reproach and .61
for cigarette dependence.

Usually, both physicians and the public regard drug abuse as voluntary. People choose to use drugs
It seems that drugs and alcohol change apart from other chronic diseases. However,
are many chronic diseases, with optional choices affecting the onset of
and the maintenance of disease. Salt sensitivity, obesity, stress and
physical inactivity, all within volunteering, are important factors in the development of hypertension.

Drugs and alcoholism also exemples other chronic diseases associated with treatment
responses. The subject of drug abuse is untreated,
is an important issue in this context. Studies that compare treated and untreated
groups of addicts have generally shown that untreated drugs
do not include.

At this time there is no reliable "remedy" for drugs and alcohol abuse. Typically,
addicts who continue to addiction and participate in follow-up have better
results compared to those who do not. If you are looking for a successful drug addiction plan or alcohol rehab call the National Drugs, 1-800-511-9225 or visit www.lakeviewhealth. com .


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