DRUGVIRÐUR: -Marijuana

David Powelson MD. Head of psychiatry at Cowell Hospital University of California wrote: "I now believe that marijuana is the most dangerous drug we must compete with." The user is declared to be well; He or she can not sense the deterioration of mental and physiological processes.

Continued use leads to worsening thinking

The real issue is the health risk posed by the epic risk of marijuana use especially in the younger generation.

One of the effects of poisoning care is all about the other. The other area is purely physical, such as chronic bronchitis among marijuana users, the potential for harmful hormonal effects on the immune system, possibly even cancer. In the long run, the Marijuana spreads the gap between the nerves in the brain which is essential for important actions of memory, emotions and behavior.

Marijuana is a very powerful drug and the biggest mistake we make is to compare it with alcohol. It is made of dried leaves and flowering tops of hemp plant that provides useful fibers to make ropes and wear. It can also be used with disinfectants and insecticides.

Sometimes we think we can not create life without addiction but we will find emissions from care, boredom, loneliness and concern.

In dentistry, the use of drugs was generally accompanied by appeals with the provisions of various charms, designed to impress us with the mysterious resources and power of the devil because obvious minds and hallucinations are easy players.

Being addicted to alcohol or drugs means compassion, companionship and colorful imagination. It means emissions from all fears. Old joy has gone. They are now but only memories.

Our thinking was based on drugs or alcohol in one form or another. And addicts are simply a man / woman who manages drugs or alcohol. We did not choose to become addicts. It will isolate us from people except when we were getting, using and finding ways and ways to get more

We cut ourselves from the outside world. My world and isolation became our lives. Our misunderstanding involves the perception of violence, street crimes, dirty needles and imprisonment. We poached, stole, deceived and sold us.

We must remember the time when we were alone and where we are consumed by fear and self-esteem and life skills we will animalize the ladder.
The power of humanity we lose, our spirits broken, we lack the ability to cope with our daily lives.

As our progress progressed, we came in and out of institutions and our illness was still with us. Some may also feel suicidal thoughts.

We're stuck in deception of what?

It's when instincts are warped and curved in shape that causes us trouble, because each disorder causes pain. What you want to be aware of is your reaction to what happened to you, what you remember and felt a pain of trouble, fear and guilt. Do not be scared or deny you, be pure and fearless to yourself.

No one is able to remember every incident that happened in our lives so to deal with those you remember especially the problems that were created for our drinking. Our negative feelings had wrecked us spiritually, physically and physically. Once you've calculated the first problem, take one step and do something about it.

We underestimate our flaws under the strict laws of self-sufficiency, and finally we are comforted by alcoholism, drug and misery. Our honest assessment is the first tangible proof that we are ready to continue, we must act in the right mind. If any double indicates inconvenience or trouble, get it.

A decision without action is pointless, as we live on a very lonely and self-absorbed existence. We need to distinguish between destructive self-will and constructive action. Do things that help you be clean?

Willing often comes after desperation or struggle for control. The faith draws us into action and gives us the ability to make a decision and implement it. Confidence comes into play after faith has been applied. It will increase our freedom and we will find that we are on the right track. We will be prepared to take risks, we never had the courage to take before.

Take God's Values ​​

Actions Become Practices

Week Will Become Worth

Value will be



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