Do not let the festivals begin with an earlier addiction

Freedom to eat or drink too much can lead back to earlier drugs. For those who are stuck in their diet or quit drinking or smoking, avoiding the temptation may be particularly strong by increasing the stresses of the poor economy this year.

Now, before the festival is in full swing, when is it possible to call the same internal solution that led you to cancel your previous addiction first. You can now promise to be unemployed and you will be better prepared to withstand frustration and stress. In addition to traditional temptations on festive and social commitments, this holiday can prove even more stressful because of the scary economy. New study of CNN / Opinion Research Corp. explains that 75 percent of people surveyed suffered from severe stress due to the economy. Here are five tips for common sense to prevent the festivals or bad economies from underlying the drugs of your life:

  1. Avoid friends and acquaintances who are not supported because you are free to be free from previous addiction. Even when you can not avoid a holiday that does not include family members, reduce your time with them or insist on coming with your friends or relatives.
  2. Avoid environments that could tempt you to return to your previous bad habits. If you have stopped drinking, do not go to a holiday party in bars or even homes where alcohol will be a major focus. Politically rejected. Your health and lifestyle are more important than social commitments.
  3. Take a stress bomb. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. Every time you feel innerly worried, take energy through the woods, on the beach or even around the house outside the office. If you can not go outside, practice deep breathing exercises to calm yourself.
  4. Start a new hobby. Instead of worrying about past bad habits, start a new good habits. Find hobbies that interest you, and one that's fun too.

Join a group. When you became addicted, life was all about you. Participating in other people who do something positive will stop you from focusing too much on you. Join a social group, sign up for a class or become a volunteer in your community. Volunteers are critical of the struggle of the economy, especially before and during the holiday season


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