Disturbance, obsession, addiction

When we're not clear where we're heading, most of the majority tend to look for interruptions – we postpone. What kind of routine / behavior that addresses our thoughts / words / actions can be disturbance, addiction or obsession. When we do not control what we think, say or do, and start to believe that stimulation is happiness.

5 our senses are to help us create what we want in life; Instead, we have relied on our (5) perceptions of instant satisfaction – which can of course also come with unexpected discontent (obsession, disturbance, addiction, which leads to stress, anxiety, depression, anger, postponement, illness, etc.). attention to our wit.

"When your imagination and will are against, your imagination will always work." Emile Coue

To strengthen and strengthen will (intelligence) the mind will be used. When the will has the power to judge and analyze, the imagination pays attention and obeys the command of will – understands the imagination free and safe to be creative. Keep in mind that the cycle – "see" do "

When we learn to use our wit again, our life begins to fall into place. The more we exercise it, the greater the strength we get to make room for excellence and the new – gently change the old one. The weight of our lives will be replaced by lightness … the fight against tide will be replaced by flowing smoothly and easily with life.

When we continually imagine that there is only a winner and moving towards this picture every day – how can we fail?

Do something every day to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone – it's the only time we grow.

"There is no wish or hope, but in that it creates power to succeed."

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Example of disturbance, obsession. Drugs (excessive use):
alcohol, drug (any kind), cigarettes, postponement, food, soft drinks, tea / coffee, exercise, sex, shopping, watching TV, computer / internet, electronic games, work well). Relationships (any kind), abuse (any kind of) happiness, control, anger, fear, attention, martyrdom, guilty, cleansing, bullying …

So, even if you refer only to (1) not a kid yourself, justify, reason, explain, complain, teach or seek excuses – just remember to be good and never judge another.

Question: How often do you allow your imagination to conquer you? …

Meditation: Why do you conduct disturbance / obsession / addiction? …

Action: Explore every day this week and grab moments of imagination / attention / thoughts / suicide, engaging in defeatism … change it. This is where transformation takes place. Show and repeat yourself what you want – NOT what you do not want !!! Have fun with this.


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