Difference between drugs and drug abuse

Drug problems are everyday struggles not only by the user, although some users have not realized that there is a problem, but users of the family, friends or special loved ones. You can not immediately decide or realize that someone you care about has a drug problem.

People who participate in drugs or know someone who sometimes believes that drugs and drug use are basically the same and should only be used. But in reality, they are both different terms with different meanings. The diversity of the metabolite and definition has become increasingly clear and several attempts have been made to look right, which means both terms.


The World Health Organization (WHO) had gathered many definitions of drug addiction and addiction, and proposed a general term "toxicity". This addiction is defined as disturbance as the medication is severely affected and controlled by the drug. There is a state of repeated inoxication that occurs when there is a constant consumption of drugs. It has symptoms of a high need or desire for constant use, tension of increasing doses, adverse effects on both individuals and society, and dependent on the effects.

Drug Use:

Drug use is defined as abuse of the drug or substance in accordance with a culturally acceptable standard. It is simply an abuse of the use of a substance that may involve excessive and normal use in order to achieve certain effects. These so-called content can be illegal, street and homosexuality can be removed from the law, or may be legal in the form of a prescription that is used pleasantly rather than a doctor.

Reasons for Drug Abuse and Drug Use:

Since both terms have different definitions, their causes are also different. Drug use is more complex than drug addiction, despite the fact that drugs have stronger incentives. Drugs combine the effect of the drug on the brain as there may be strong incentives to reuse this medicine. On the other hand, drug abuse as substance abuse may or may not go together with a strong incentive factor to continue the use of the drug. In many cases, drug abuse does not have to do drugs, but drugs can be a drug abuse.

Behavioral Patterns:

Drugs and drug abuse in principle have the same effect. Both have undesirable or unfavorable consequences for both the community and the individual. Some symptoms and patterns of drug abuse and violence include abnormally slow numbers, reactions or physical activity, restlessness, insomnia or increased energy, sudden gain or weight gain, excessive sleep, suddenly steady wearing long-leaved spikes even under high heat just to hide injection site injection site, loss of physical management, sudden inconvenience and confidence in risky activities and withdrawal symptoms when stopping the use of the drug.

Knowing the fact that drug users are in advance denying the symptoms and behavior of drugs, family, friends and loved ones must be sensitive and aware of these signs.

Abuse or Drugs:

Sometimes it's not easy to know that someone who is so important to you is fighting drug problems. It may be that it has started very early but not prominent as progress is slower and this person might have been good at involving drugs. Or since your medicine has been used early and slowly, you could easily fix the behavior of your users to point out that it is normal yet. It may be that the fact that someone who is so important to you is a drug victim is painful. You should never be embarrassing. There are so many who are in the same position as you. Drug abuse and addiction have affected millions of families around the world.

There is available help and support everywhere. You can start looking for support groups on site. Support groups can be in your own religious area, private or government agencies and small communities. By just listening to others sharing the same experience and problem can be a very good way to support and develop. Other sources of support and help would include a therapist, spiritual leader, trusted friend or family member.


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