Denial leads to addiction to addiction – how can you help?

Our minds are powerful factors; so powerful are our thoughts and beliefs that they will really lead us into error in many areas of our lives. Take the idea of ​​denial for a while, mix it with addiction and what do you think it's happening? What's right, the addict will gradually crawl into his addiction, while listening to this vast inner voice, telling them they have no problem.

Ironically, the addict never has a problem – only the people who live with them, or who loves them, or who are around them, have the corresponding problem. I'm afraid because addicts who are still denied believe this. Their mind works so that they do not understand "or" know "themselves, just because they know the people around them. And that's precisely why" loved ones "addicts seem to get brown with mood swings and unloving ways.

But that There is a big problem with this picture because the addict acknowledges that they have a problem is the first step towards recovery. Only when they admit they add dependence will they begin to explore the possibility of ease. But here's the problem. Addicts use their content of abuse so much that they continue to tell them that they can stop at any time and that they do not have addiction. How can the addict come out of his denial and realize that they have a problem?

When I have alcoholics and Abuse alcohol myself before, I can honestly say that usually there is something radical to become with the addict before they are having trouble. Too late, it may be too late. Too late to make relationships, marriages, families and revive lost life. It may be too late in the past, but it does not mean that an addict can not get and then do the best they can not true?

All addicts do not get to the bottom before they become aware that they have a problem, but in most cases they do. So, knowing this, what's in love with drugs to help the addict to come up with his problems without the addict getting into his head first in the mud and maybe destroying more life in the process?

Stop Rescuing the Addict

I can think of seven ways just above the head of how a woman helps the alcoholic husband to drink.

1. She lies with the children about him

2. She helps him to sleep

3. She accepts, most, if not all, his responsibility

4. She calls the boss and apologizes for him

5. She pays the bills

6. She binds him out of jail

7. She has basically become a mother for ten years.

Hint * To help your husband get out of denial before he hurts or someone else at work, stop doing everything for him. And if your children are over ten years old, I recommend talking to them about their father's addiction before they begin to hate him because of inappropriate and or misplaced emotions he has stressed when he is drinking.

Removing the Drug

I can think of five ways right above the head of how a woman stays in emotional problems with her husband's drugs

1. She thinks it has something to do with her husband to find her not attractive

2. She constantly scans a story on the computer to see if her husband watched porn that day

3. She looks at porn with him and considers them guilty

4. She begins to flirt with other men

5. She starts to find negative thoughts about her husband because she can not tell the addict from her married.

Hint * Pornography, like all other addictions, is a constraint to do something to tie emotional strain and misfortunes within addicts. When the addict is able to "root" the underlying issue that affects them, they can begin to cure and no longer need addiction anymore.

Stop Helping The Addict to Drink

I can think of five ways where a husband would help his wife drink. Remember, help (activate) is different from rescuing.

1. He denies his wife

2. He drinks with the addict

3. He buys alcohol for his wife

4. He gets emotional and angry with the addict when she is drunk

5. He complains about her drunkness by calling her names.

Hint * Whenever you become emotionally involved in an addictive manner, it must be clear to the addict that you have the problem. It is always best to keep washing and supplying alcoholic alcoholics, even if they hurt you. Never call names, curse, become too emotional, or be angry with what the addict does. You're the only hope for the addict – have a good impact on them.


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