Day Business Stress Management – Why Business Is Like Sport

I'm not just a losing sports lover trying to make any solid relationship between business and sports. There is a connection and sometimes another way of thinking about the boundaries.

Okay, that's a little excuse, but there are some important sports courses that we can apply for our business. I have just watched the tournament sports tournament in endurance. But you mean this from where you choose.

1. Special skills. Drivers and teams need very special skills to survive and succeed. As a trader, you need to understand what you need to do to succeed. You must acquire skills that are special for business or you will not succeed.

2. Preparation . You prepare business as you would in sports. You need spiritual preparation. Think about what your favorite athletes and women do to be ready for their race. You are no different. Business is a difficult game and you have to be spiritually at the top of your game. Football prepares for weeks before the start of a new season.

3. Organization. If you've never seen a pit garage of a top motor sport team you might be surprised. You may expect oil and fat

4. Adaptability. Conditions change, markets and economy change, you must change with them. Your technical technical specifications today may not work next month.

5 . Ability to deal with shock . Especially in your first days, losing to hit you is harder than you might expect

6. Persistence . marathon not sprint. It's not your average over 20 transactions that count it 500 or 1000.

7. Courage . It can be difficult to return to your business after losing and even harder to respond to your badges.

8 . Trust. It takes confidence to start trading and trust every day to stay in the markets. If you start to fear or doubt your business will immediately suffer.

9. Team win . You are mainly the whole team; You make decisions, take business and make the coffee. If you have a partner, it really helps if they understand why you are in business and can offer support and faith

Attention to information. Race cars with absolute attention to information about races and merchants who own all their business

If you are a sports lover, think about your favorite team or competitor. How do they prepare, what kind of spiritual attitude do they feel themselves and brave? What behavior can you model to improve your business.


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