Computer and Drugs

It's true that this world of internet is mesmerizing and anyone can lose in their mysteries. This is strictly what is known as a drug. A leading newspaper survey revealed that an average person spends 3-4 hours a day surfing online, but what about those who spend more than twelve hours a day trying to rule the mystery of this world? They are known as network forces!

You can talk to people around the world, mask your identity and be what you wanted to be, read about your favorite character, gaming endlessly, etc. there may be different reasons for that.
Surfing on the internet may include addiction when the following happens.

Ø You always think about what you did or said online and what you would do next time you log in.

Ø You spend as many hours on the internet as possible and when you are logged in, you lose all the senses of time and place.

Ø You feel troubled, depressed and depressed when you can not access the internet.

Ø You are looking for excuses to access the internet, even if you are busy with something that matters.

Ø You can go to sleep and other recreational activities to browse the internet.

Internet usage is similar to other addictions like smoking or gambling. To get someone out of it requires similar effort and caution. The person concerned needs advice based on the importance of the same.

The following are some symptoms that a computer addict can show. If you experience more than 10 symptoms, the problem should be addressed in serious seriousness.

Ø Losing time when online

Ø Invalid necessary sleep time to spend time

Ø Worried when angry

Ø Checks emails many times a day

Ø Will be annoying if you can not access the internet

Ø Delete time online when you should be homework or chores

Ø Want to spend time online rather than friends or family

Ø No time limits set for use of the Internet

Ø Is about the time spent online or "sneaking online" when nobody is around.

Ø Creates new relationships with people he has been online

Ø Has become tired and annoying than he or she was before the internet was part of his life

Ø Looking to get back online when he left the computer

Ø Has lost interest in activities that were fun before he or she had access to the Internet

Ø Is annoying, offensive or depressed when not online. Mood is added when he signs up again.


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