Certification, service and instruction: Permanent remedy of drugs

According to an article published in The Daily Herald on September 1, 2017, 1 in 3 people affected the opium crisis and 52,000 people die each year from overdose with drugs. Other statistics reported that more people died in 2016 from drug overdose than the entire Vietnam War. I was and is one of these figures. I fought for more than 5 years with drugs, especially opioids. I often tried on my own to get clean, but just could not do it. I knew I wanted sober but just did not know how to do it. I knew that typical rehabilitation facilities would not be the answer for me. I had friends who would go to rehabilitation facilities and would come back and over again over and over again. I was not aware of time, but what I was looking for was a lasting remedy. I wanted to find the cause of addiction and not just treat the effect. It was not until April 2013 that I started to find out. It was at this time that a friend invited me to a class at the School of Metaphysics. I remember going to class for the first night, just two weeks clean from opioids. I did not know exactly how this school was going to help me cure but I had a feeling that it was.

In the next four and a half years, I slowly studied the keys to Enlightenment, which can also be used as keys for recovery. They are: Justice, service and instruction. First, I began to learn how to discipline my conscious mind with a regular practice of meditation and other thoughtful exercises taught at school. This was a strong resistance to my life before. Previously, I was very undisciplined with my thoughts and actions. Unmanageable thoughts would lead me to uncontrollable action and keep me from drugs. What I learned is that discipline helps you to build trust in yourself. When you use your willingness to make a productive choice, you start to trust yourself and when you have confidence you can really do everything, even cover drugs. The mind is a powerful target system. There is one worthy goal to achieve next. I never knew this for school, so shortly after the start, I did the goal of running the Chicago Marathon. I had just started running again and could hardly do it around my block, but I knew I had to move to something. So with a daily job running a little further every day, I pursued my goal of running the marathon. It's the power of discipline and it's absolutely necessary if you really want to change your life.

The next key to recovery is service. It is through the service that you really start to cure yourself. In fact, one psychiatrist in Chicago will not even see you until you do three types of services. What she has found is that by serving services, people can learn to cure themselves. It is in the service that you really start to "get over you". I know this to be true, first hand. I was lucky to find the school at the time when there were a lot of remake projects that were done. I was invited to participate in them at the first stages of the recovery. In days of work when thoughts about using drugs would creep in, I would instead go to school and help paint a wall or put a shingling on a new roof. When I was involved in services, I did not have time to think about my self-desires, like being tall. I learned to become another center that is another absolute thing if you want to cure.

The ultimate key to recovery is to blame. Teaching is the highest act of service. School of Metaphysics has given me the opportunity to be a teacher. I have been teaching Applied Metaphysics classes continuously for over two years. I look at teaching others as the last step in recovery. When you make it point to sharing with others, you have no room in your thinking about selfish desires like becoming high. You must stay there for others in a constant way. The term comes to mind: "Everyone teaches one." If the whole world kept this mind in mind, we could make serious changes. The thing is, if you're like me, you have a lot to give. I know from my own experience, drug pours me a lot of insight into the inner mind, so much that I became addicted to the experience. However, what good is an experience if you can not share them with others? Drugs throw you into these experiences but fail because you can not keep high. You just need more and more of the medicine. You put your happiness apart from yourself. However, there are natural ways to experience it. I'm here to tell you that you can get it from a spiritual life. If and when you find your spiritual way, it's important to remember these keys: Justice, service, and instruction. When you really start working you will experience freedom from addiction.


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