Addictions – An Incurable Disease Or Simply Notice Of Pain?

In our society, those who have been addicted, often considered weak, unmanageable or inadequate to change their lives. They are regarded as a "lower" class of citizens and often protected from family and friends. Have worked with thousands of drugs both in the peak area, in a live rehabilitation center and in three years at my own center, where I have chemotherapy, I've seen the disturbances that addiction adds to addictions and their family and friends. The family or friends try to save the man from total destruction with many different ways. However, they reach the place where nothing works and they have plenty of being a law to, stolen, physically, orally and emotionally. At that point, the noise eventually reaches everyone in their life to walk away.

If you've been there with someone you love or have been there yourself, it's when you usually fall into the abyss. Of course they are self-study.

As a person who has never responded to drugs or alcohol consumption, you can ask why would someone destroy themselves with drugs? Why would they use something that really does not work? Now my question is whether addiction is a disease or symptoms of pain. I'm not here to review what science may have been about a gene for addictive behavior, because it does not matter what proof they can appear, first of all, those who have addictive behaviors really try to deal with those problems which they have. You see, "addiction is nothing but a physical manifestation of internal unrest". For many years, I have worked with those who suffer from drugs, but in any case, people with drugs had some important issues in their lives that prevented them from losing their will. They could not cope with the feelings that the situation (wherever it was modern) was to make them feel so searched for. If you have stopped the emotion, it will cause those feelings to shut down for years. So over time, when they went down and out, they found something that made them feel better; their content or even behavior.

So if you want to stop your addiction to control your life then he has to learn to become emotionally intelligent, meaning they need to learn how to feel and feel alright even if they hurt like Hell. Being happy to feel negative and not consuming drugs, alcohol or other addictive behavior is completely achieved and I have seen people from all walks of life to control their lives and behaviors. Believing that there is genetics or any other organic reason for addiction makes it sound as it is unclear that we are stuck to it for life. However, I do not think so because I've seen evidence that people can change and accomplish their dreams.

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