Addiction – Is a bad habit actually difficult to quit?

The dictionary describes addiction as: the situation is suffering from habit or exercise or something that is psychologically or physically used, such as drugs, to the extent that it leads to serious injury. Okay, now we know exactly what addiction is. And I think we would all agree that people think about adding both alcohol and cigarettes. I also want everyone to understand that the question posed by this article does not come from someone who has only a theoretical view of addiction. I personally left both by drinking and smoking after joining both pride for 15 years. Was I Alcohol? I do not make a distinction, but I know that I drank twelve packs of beer a day on average. I also smoked a pack a day on average the longer I drank alcohol. It's amazing how their two fell together. When I stopped drinking, I no longer want to smoke either. So I stopped smoking too.

My goal of this is that I quit both and it was not nearly as hard as I was brought to believe. At the time I smoked, I heard from a good person every day how hard it was to quit smoking. And the same rule applies to drinking, but most people do not talk about quitting drinking. I think it's because drinking alcohol is not perceived as "bad" in our culture. Smoking is considered to be almost as bad as wearing a loaded gun around and igniting it, but drinking is recognized to be fine in moderation. Rather than stop drinking, people talk about cutting down. So people say it like, "I like beer or two, what's the problem?" Or "I'm not alcohol, these people need to go to a meeting." In practice, they are both bad for you and all you hear but justifies the operation or explains how hard to stop the operation.

What I realized when I was quitting both bad habits was the fact that stopping them was in my mind, rather than physical addiction we all hear so much about. Let's smoke for example. I tried to quit smoking three times before I actually did. I tried the rubber (which seemed to help) and quit cold turkey. The problem was that I did not change my mind. I still thought it was difficult, so it was and never stuck. Then I changed my thinking of smoking. I said to myself like, "this will not be hard, I'm just not smoking" or "it's all in my head, I've just used a non-smoking cigarette, it's going to be normal for me and it's a fool." I did exactly the same thing about drinking. Doing this and not putting me in a group of people who did, made it easy to stop both behaviors.

I point out that when I was free and drained of both behaviors, I realized that there was more about what I thought about the material than the material itself. If I was "addicted", it was certainly not hard to stop either of them. My great practice in the process was that it was all spiritual.


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