Addiction – Harmful myth of bone stones

Drugs do not interfere with more than the long-standing and harmful social myth of addicts and alcoholics who need to play the bottom before they can get better.

Many people who lose everything realize the need for help, but that does not mean that you have to look silently until this tragic day; and if you do, you lower the likelihood of long-term results. Earlier, it's always better. You can influence the change and the sooner you make it easier it is. The longer the abuse continues, the more embrace addiction, the more demanding perfect treatment and the lower the prospects for success.

Addicts and alcoholics are totally insane in identifying the extent of the problem and rarely start treatment at their own risk. Fortunately, when the family can convince the need for treatment, and when the family can ensure full participation in the treatment needed, recovery rates are as good as they get addicts who decide to get help on their own.

Addiction is rarely leading

Addiction is difficult and even after decades of great research, experts do not have all the answers. What they know is that what makes sense is not always what works. Addiction is rarely what it looks like. It makes sense that people who decide to get into treatment would do better … but it does not happen.

While it's active, obvious explanations and sensible self-views are a few and far between, and for a lot of addicts, the first days of rehab are the first real days clear and focused on thinking about it for many years. Many addicts come only to discover the extent of the problem, the possibility and the desire for change after a few days of sleepiness, a few weeks of treatment and a month or more of rediscovery how good life can be without pain from abuse.

Get Help

So when you can possibly convince treatment for loved ones who would need help, they should leave. It does not matter if they do not think they need it, they will most likely change the song with ever-increasing clarity and treatment.

Do not wait for the worst, it can get better before this terrible day always comes. Never wait for rock bottom!

You can make a difference, race intervention, do what you need to do to get someone who suffers from addiction in treatment and on your way to recovery. They will thank you for it!


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